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Paraphimosis - clarifications

I have phimosis where I've previously struggled to pull my foreskin back but only when erect. I've recently been doing stretching exercises and have noticed great improvement to the point where I think the issue could now be resolved. I'm very cautious of trying though as I've heard about potential complications which could be caused by paraphimosis but I'm not clear about whether the same concerns apply, as I can pull the skin back with ease when flacid.

If anyone can clarify my concerns that would be useful.

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Hi Bushes

I am a 60yr guy who in Jan had a Circumcision due to tight foreskin (See my post) Paraphimosis is very painfull and classed as a Medical Emergency

I know as i have had 3 bouts of it following also having Balinitis

You dont say if you have a underling problem which causes your tight foreskin like i have (Diabeties)

The last time i got it it was stuck behind the gland for about an hr and i just thought it was a sign of getting older until a routine Diabetic Review i mentioned it to Doc to be told i should have been in A&E and referred me to the Urologist who said due to the scaring a Circumcision was the best way forward

So my advice would be

Be very aware if it starts to swell when back and return it as soon as you can

If it persists go see your GP and get referred to a Urologist dont take things for granted like i did


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Thanks for your reply, but it ultimately doesn't answer my question. I've never had paraphimoisis and AFAIK don't have an underlying condition with causes my phimosis. What I'm ultiamtely trying to work out is whether I am "safe" to attempt to pull back my foreskin when erect? I imagined if I had a problem with returning the skin when erect, I can just return to a flaccid state and then put it back, but I'm unsure whether that's the case.


Ok well the simple answer to that

You wont know until you try

But rest assured if you get Paraphomosis it wont just be a case of waiting until you go flaccid as you say as the foreskin swells with lymph fluid behind the gland acting like a tourniquet restricting it from returning to a flaccid state(From one who knows my friend)

How bad is your phimosis when erect if loose and easily retracts over the erect gland then I am not a medical expert but I don't think you would have to much of a problem it is tightness which causes the problems or did for me

The Circumcision I had done has certainly relieved all of that


Try to pull it back in the bath with soap


6big,, just a heads-up. The head of the penis is called a glans (or to use its full medical name: glans penis). We have several glands throughout our body, but only one glans.



Hi Bushes. If you can easily pull your foreskin back and forth over your glans I think you are worrying unnecessarily about getting your foreskin stuck . As you state if this did happen when you are erect once flaccid again you could restore your skin over the head. Is part of your concern that you have a pronounced flared rim on your glans?


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