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My problem

Hi, I am a 64 man 2 years ago I had kidney failure

was on dialysis 7 months, then my sister gave me hers so all is good xxxxx

Apart from what I understand is common in men of my age. Having to get up in the night to go to to loo.!!!! To say it messes me up is true I can not get back to sleep, then when I do I walk up cross as I feel not in control. Any ideas shall I stop drinking after 6 pm? Regards To All.

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Not sure about this question. There are theories about having a full bladder . But the best person to ask is your GP. Think it could be helpful to actually have some carbs at night too but see your GP. After your kidney problems wouldn't think it would be good to restrict your fluid intake in anyway. Could be difficult if you're still working . If you're not ,make sure you get a nap . In some circumstances that could affect your sleep pattern ,though ,so get to the docs !!

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Yes I will, it was silly of me to ask

but u never know. Regards


You should see your gp to consider medication. Also try bladder training to enable improved bladder filling.

Fluid restriction is not great if you've had kidney failure

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Yes I will thanks for replying.



I have really bad Kidney trouble. Sometimes I can't even get up to go to the toilet. I got fed up of having so many trips to the doctors, hospital, being poked and prodded. I luckily have family who will help me if I ask. This is however a time consuming question for them and living quite far away from the nearest doctors (and family) I thought it was best I started doing something about it. I can't say exactly what drugs to take, I know the herbal remedies have helped Beetroot, NaturalCare Kidney Care, Garlic and Propolis. They're all things that I've taken on board myself. Not sure if it's a placebo or not however, after lots of research, these are foods we would have eaten back in the day when we didn't have all the pharmaceuticals we do now. I would suggest taking something to decrease your blood pressure. There are loads to use but herewith the ones I know of: ACE inhibitors, Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs), Beta-blockers, Calcium channel blockers, Direct renin inhibitors, Diuretics, Vasodilators. Find which is best for you out of the bunch, do your research and speak to a doctor. Or alternatively, use the online pharmacies. I've used these to benefit my situation. I feel I'm a little more self sufficient as a result. I use these guys: phrmreviews.com/r/alldayche... and obviously you could choose.

I hope I've been of some help.

From one kidney problem to another,



Hi Thanks for your advice, I will look into them,

IF u can get a transplant do so of course my sister gave me hers

Do ask if u do I will tell all.



I hope you get some help.


Hi Yes it seems as if you do not think about it you can leave for another 2/3 hrs

that's what I have found just now. Regards to all.


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