Interested in tantric sex?

I'm Nick. I am quite new in this side. I have posted a post about Does size matter? Someone has been interestef in that post. Then I have had some exchange of messages with Bakan. He has been interested in some aspects of tantric sex that I gave him. I want to make a post about it. is anyone interested? I will post it anyway..

See you soon. Nick

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  • I am Zivago from India whet the discipline of Tantrum sex is supposed to have originated. Sadly I know practically nothing about it. But I have been told that you have to be initiated into th as discipline by an authentic master (Guru) . As an initiate you have to take it seriously and having a frivolous approach and just dabbling with it can have repurcusions, not too pleasant at times. The knowledge of Tantrum sex is perforce esoteric and rightly so and that is why there is an air of mystery about it,which fact is made use of to give it a bad name by it's detractors. Then to make matters worse there are any number of fake gurus professing to possess the wherewithal to impart the knowledge to gullible people.

  • I agree with Zivago. tantric sex is a complex matter. but I have read some books on occidentalized tantric sex which can be useful and give some clues as to modify a little bit our sexual behaviour in order to live our sexuality more relaxed and with more attention to the feminine aspects of sexuality which are often neglected in our society. I am not at all a guru but I have practiced these few aspects of "tantric" sex and I discovered that they work and can ameliorate both the man and the woman sexuality. I can also provide some useful bibliography. As Zivago has remarked, I probably had better say simply "slow sex" instead of tantric sex. I have used the expression tantric sex because the books I've read called that way the practices they advice. But slow sex can surely be a better definition. thanks Zivago for your comment. Nick

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