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Bowel Incontinence


I have suffered this for at least 4 years. Minor at first but now it is a major problem.

My GP referred me to my local continence clinic. The nurse I met was very helpful and said she would introduce me to a district nurse continence specialist. This did not happen. Instead, some 3 weeks later I received 4 boxes each containing 200 incontinence pads!

It's a hateful and embarrassing condition. Is there really no cure??


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Wow very unlucky im sorry to say, it must be hell for you, just a pitty i cant help you.


Make a food diary . I have found this condition intensified as I have histamine intolerance . Research this .. all food has histamine . Look at . This has really helped me . My Incontinence is due to post op after rectal cancer .neuroendocrine so my tumours are pushing out hormones that make the diarrhoea worse . Sometimes wonder if I would be better with a bag but I really freaked out when I had a temporary one . Still going through cancer and treatments but after course of intensive antibiotics Rifaximin and then VSL#3 probiotics am getting a bit of relief . Are you getting Diarrhoea ? If so this might be helpful ? But this is a hospital to hospital prescription as a consultant suggested this to me and then sent details to my local hospital . GP's can't get this antibiotic although they can write prescription for VSL#3 probiotics . Hope this may help ? Obviously we're all different ...


Christopher, can you go back to the continence clinic either direct or via your GP?

Yes it sounds like you need to get that appointment from the continence clinic. Hopefully phoning them or dropping in will enable you to sort this out. Often there is no cure although diet and bowel medications may help.

A big thank you to all four of you. I don't have histamine intolerance. But I have recently had hospital treatment to remove 4 bowel polyps (benign but could have become cancerous). I do not have diarrhea. Instead my bowel movements are frequent and 'explosive', sometimes containing little more than small solid stools and a clear water-like fluid.

I will certainly make another appointment at the continence clinic. I don't think I will need to go through my GP this time because it was she who referred me to the clinic in the first place.

Again, thank you all.


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That's the sort of diarrhoea that I have too. Especially after high histamine foods . Still think you may need to make a food diary . Even if not HIT , it would show you AND your inco Specialist what exacerbates the condition . You'll need to let them know also if the little stools float and the colour . . Steratorroea is the correct term .

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