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Went back to dick doc


Hopefully the last time I have to go back under the knife. Dr had me come back again to "shave the scar" he said it will heal in a week. Looked down and it was pretty bloody. 😐 gotta say I didn't think it needed it.

One more thing. Did the local Anastasia give anyone else a raging boner? Serious question. This is the third time this has happened. Quite embarrassing. Nothing about the procedure is arousing. Probably made the nurse uncomfortable though.

I'll post another update picture when I get home.

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Hey dude, how is everything going now? How do they proceed when you get it done under local anesthesia?? I am about to go under the knife for an adult circumcision as well.

Your dick looks amazing and it is quite big so you are really lucky. It looks awesome. I wish mine would look like yours.

Got a pic after the second scar reduction op?

Hope you are healing well and that it will be all behind you soon...

Hey bud, thanks. I was scared when I went to go get circumcised under local Anastasia but to be honest it was easier than going to the dentist. Went great. Easiest procedure ever. For the scar reduction procedure, had it done on Friday and all healed up by today. I'll either post a picture on here or send you one. Not really much to show now though since it's all healed. He did the scar reduction on the bottom.

Gotcha. That’s awesome I’m glad to hear that you are al healed up and happy with the results. Did you have a loss of sensation? I mean like I’m sure you did but is it that bad? Thanks for your reply and feedback..

Thanks, honestly I don't feel I've lost any sensation. I still jerk off with no lube

Ok thanks for the info!! Hope I will feel the same way

Yes when I had my circumcision when he injected the local anaesthetic I could feel my penis getting harder and harder. It was so embarrassing.