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Problem with painfull itchy testicles

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. Im in my 40s and in good health however this year I have suffered a few problems with my groin. At the beginning of the year I started experiencing severe itching in my genitals. I tried everything I could think of and eventually my wife persuaded me to see my GP, she gave me a steroid cream which helped but it never really cleared up, I just found that I kept buying the same cream over the counter and using it a lot to stop the itching. She did examine me and asked a lot of questions however I left her office in a very fragile state of mind because of the whole experience. A few months later I then started to experience pain in my testicles, I put up with this for around 3 months because I could not find any lumps, however the pain got worse and worse and eventually I went to see my GP. This time it was with a male Dr who clearly had no idea, he said he would refer me for an urgent ultrasound and pretty much got rid of me as quickly as he could. The next day I was in so much pain I had to call 111 and go to my local hospital who diagnosed me with epididymo-orchitis and gave me a 2 week prescription of Antibiotics. I got my ultrasound appointment, which was nearly for a month later so I guess that either all the ultrasound appointments are taken up by pregnant ladies or they did not take me serious. After two weeks I have taken the Antibiotics, I am still in discomfort and pain and the Ultrasound was , according to the radiographer, all clear. I am none the wiser.

So, I don’t know what to do because I don’t think I have received a good service from the NHS, I don’t feel they have taken my problem seriously or consider it any kind of priority, its causing me a lot of distress as I still nearly a year later have itchy painful genitals. I can say 100% that there is zero chance I have an STD. I can’t possibly go back to my GP because the male Dr is useless and when I tell the receptionist the nature of the issue she will not give me an appointment with my usual GP, I think because she is female. Not only am I in pain but this is having an effect on my already fragile mental state.

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Have you had a vasectomy?


Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes I had one 8 years ago.


Hi Cameron, yes I thought your problems sounded a bit like mine. Like you, I`ve tried numerous creams without much success and various pills from my doc, the longer I can go without scratching the better chance of not getting as much pain. I too had the so called "its nothing op" which also has been the worst decision of my life, as ever since my vasectomy I have not been able to sit without being in pain.

If I had been given the whole truth about vasectomy problems I think we would have carried on with our then contraception and I would have saved myself an awful lot of pains and suffering.


Cameron_Mac I am sorry for your problems. I hope you find some help.


There's a new article on the Men's Health Forum site today about post-vasectomy pain:


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