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Penile Pain

Since my teen age, i used to masturbate. recently just 4 days back, after i urinated after masturbation, it started to pain.The pain is not constant, sometimes it happens after i finish peeing, sometimes, it don't happen at all, and sometimes just like taht it pop up. I am virgin, so anybody can tell what's the matter??? no fever, or urethral discharge or any symptoms visible on the penis...

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Virgin is a word for girls. Not for one having penis. Go to a urologist .Test and culture the urine .The reason has to be found . Probably no issue with masturbating .


I'm sorry to say that your first comment is inaccurate.

'Virgin' is not gender-specific. My compact Oxford English Dictionary defines 'virgin' as 'a person who has never had sexual intercourse' so therefore that includes men as well as women.

Just out of curiosity, why did you write 'not for one having penis' rather than 'not for boys or men'?

The rest of your post seems good advice to me, but I would suggest the young man initially sees his GP and if necessary he/she could then refer him to a specialist.


Never mind if you prefer to be called as virgin . Please check with a GP about your problem.


Just a heads-up. 'Virgin' can also be used for males who have not had sexual intercourse.



it sounds like you have a minor infection it happens sometimes (on a side note: men can and do get yeast infections) though i don't think that's what you have your GP would be able to tell you for sure.


Everybody, let's try to post stuff that is useful to each other and not kid ourselves we can diagnose from a two line post. If you don't know something, don't pretend you do. Virgin is not gender-specific.

sum14 best see your GP to be sure but it's very unlikely to be related to masturbation.


I think you should stop masturbating excessively ....let yourself recover from it .


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