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Does this look normal?

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Everytime after sex my dick is incredibly dry and sometimes during sex my dick will get dried and after specifically if very rough, I get these red dots and sometimes filled with white filling, they are super small. I got tested for stds couple months back and was not positive for anything I might just get retested later, does this look normal ? Or should I be worried ? I apply coconut oil and the dots do go away but everytime afer sex it seems it gets infected. My gf might have a yeast infection, whenever I penetrate my dick is covered in this clear thick fluid and I’ve been thinking that’s what makes the dots appear

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Use lube during sex

It sounds as though the main problem is with your girl friend. She should get checked for yeast, etc.

One function of your foreskin is to provide skin oil to the head of your penis. Keep your foreskin forward where it covers and protects the head as much as possible. When you wash don't use soap because it takes the oil from the tissue.

Appears to be smegmitis infected from vaginal fluid. Apply steroid cream. Get a pep smear tested for your gf

astroglide bro.. it’s your friend.

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