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Loss of sensation when ejaculating

I'm not sure how to say this but when I ejaculate I barely feel any sensation at all. When I first discovered masturbation (about 12 years if age- I am now 17), my orgasms were amazingly strong but now, for some reason, I don't feel anything. I know this sounds completely stupid but I do not wish to go to the GP about this because I am petrified on what they might find. I have done some research into it myself but I have not found any use of the websites I have read. I would not say I am particularly healthy, in fact I am overweight- possible borderline obese. Would that play a role in it? I have also read that the more you masturbate the less sensation you get- is this true? I would really appreciate help and guidance.

Thank you

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To answer your last question first. if you masturbate several times a day you won't lose sensation when you finally climax but it will take you increasingly longer to ejaculate and each 'sample' will be smaller than the one before. This is because it can take up to 24 hours for the the body's sexual functions to fully rejuvenate.

Being borderline obese MAY have some bearing upon your orgasms, purely from a practical point of view; simply because your penis will be buried somewhat, if you understand me? But I'm no expert on obesity vis-à-vis ejaculation.

Please don't be petrified about a visit to your GP. It's the very best course you can take. He or she will be completely understanding, and no matter what the outcome it will be a positive solution for the better!



Do you have any prostate problems? Need time before start urinating? Never feel quite empty? It could be related....

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Yea... masturbation can lead to skin damage which can affect sensitivity down there. What you want to use is a penis health creme called Man1 Man Oil. It is made to repair and rejuvenate penis skin that has been affected by masturbation. It is easy to use, safe and will definitely restore a lot of your lost feeling. You can get it online. Hope this helps.


Hi. I'm uncut in my 40s. I wore my foreskin more or less permanently pulled back for about 20 years, but decided to keep my glans covered as I'd lost more or less all sensitivity. After about 18 months, it hasn't recovered. Has anyone any suggestions.


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