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Various Penis Concerns


I am 52 and have developed a number of penis concerns that might be related. I am not getting a lot of satisfaction from my GP, although I am seeing a urologist next month and it would be useful to go armed with some handy questions.

As they might all be related, I go back a few years and tell the whole story.

Started noticing issues about 3 years ago. I am a 'grower' which means that my penis is pretty small when flaccid but grows significantly to a healthy size when erect. I am not circumcised so this means that I have a lot of loose foreskin when flaccid.

About 3 years ago, after years of good operation I noticed two things about my foreskin. Firstly, it had become tight to retract, not so much that I couldn't retract it. Secondly, the frenulum seemed to have shortened and it was painful to pull back the foreskin to expose the glans. This seemed to happen overnight - I had no sense of it gradually happening.

I wondered with age whether my foreskin and frenulum had become less stretchy especially as it has to undergo quite a change from flaccid to erect. But rather than speculating I went to see a GP who referred me to a urologist.

The urologist was hard against a circumcision and instead suggested a 'Z' cut in my frenulum - this is a cut in the shape of a 'Z' which makes the frenulum thinner but longer.

That was done and took a few weeks to heal before I could try it out.

Then came my next disappoints which is where I currently am.

Firstly the frenulum didn't seem any longer and is still just as painful when I try to retract the foreskin.

The tight foreskin is clearly still an issue as it wasn't addressed initially.

But worse since the operation (or around that time, it could just be coincidence) I have been experiencing orgasm and ejaculation issues. These are

1) My orgasm and the sensation of sex leading up to it just don't feel right. It maybe takes a little longer, but it still gets there, just doesn't feel right.

2) When I ejaculate, and I still do every time, there is a delay between orgasm and ejaculation. They don't happen together any more nor is the ejaculation at all explosive. And certainly the amount of ejaculate seems reduced, though on occasions the amount looks fine. The problem is that I orgasm and then I can count 2 or 3 seconds and the ejaculate appears, not as spurts but dribbles. When the amount is small it basically looks like a few small beads appearing a few seconds after the orgasm.

All in all in now feels like a ruined orgasm, which doesn't feel right and with dribbling reduced ejaculate.

I have an appointment to see the urologist again in September, primarily to talk about the tight foreskin and frenulum but I wonder whether I should bring up the orgasm/ejaculation issue as well. I have mentioned it to my GP but he has been quite dismissive.

Any thoughts?



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Hi Nigel,

I would also bring up your orgasm/ejeculation issue up with the urologist. Although this is probably down to your tight foreskin.

How tight is your frenulum and foreskin?


As for the orgasm and ejaculation issue, welcome to the over 50 club. Sounds like you are experiencing it a little sooner than many.


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