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Penis problem! Help

Basically 2 weeks ago I was masterbating and just as I was about to ejaculate and my penis seemed to grow at least an extra inch or 2, when I ejaculated it felt like when you hold the Base of your penis to stop the ejaculation for a few seconds only I didn't hold it.

It felt like great pressure to get the Semen to come out and my penis swells up when it does but goes away straight after ejaculating.

I feel like fainting each time it happens.

Now when I have sex I only last about 30 seconds before I ejaculate, I usually lasted between half an hour and an hour.

The same symptoms happen during sex and there is some lingering pain after it.

Peeing is normal

Any ideas at all as I'm having panic/anxiety attacks after this all happened and I'm afraid to tell anybody

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Forget the embarrassment or hesitation - go to your GP!!!


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