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ED: injection vs pump/ring

I developed ED after 2 prostate ablation treatments (green light and microwave) and by the way, if these are offered, inquire re risk of ED.

Not much erection anymore, but can masturbate/orgasm without sildenafil.  Was able to have intercourse with some difficulty taking 200mg sildenafil (Urol.s approval).  Tried, didn't like Muse, although I didn't try two.  Because of all this, began to avoid intercourse  feeling frustrated/inadequate), turned too much to masturbation, and contributed to losing a great partner.

More recently got a good pump/ring.  If I pump like crazy it is I would say firm, adequate for sex, but not really a hard erection ( as I seem to remember from years back). 

My question is, what is the quality of erection with injection--is it firm, like the pump, or is it hard?  Were the later true, I would give it a try.

Appreciate this sensible web site.

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Which injection you mean ?


To clarify, Imean penile injection of papaverine and/or over meds.


I use both pump and injection. The pump gives really hard erections, but you have to play with different rings to find the one that keeps it up for you. Sometimes rings can get uncomfortable and make you go numb after a while. The injection doesn't give you unnaturally hard erections, but when you get the right dose, they are like the best natural ones. Once again, you have to try different doses to find the right one.


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