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Teen circumcision

Hi there

Im an 18 year old male looking to get circumcised. I have looked into it for ages and now i want to get it done. 

I live in the uk and was wondering if i could get it done on the NHS. 

The reasons i want it done is because i know it will look better, feel better, more hygenic and condoms also stay on. 

Any help appreciated  

Thanks in advance

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Good luck. I hope it goes well.


Hi Crazy-Ryan.  Circumcision is certainly available on the NHS. I imagine you'd need to see your GP initially to be referred for surgery. I don't know whether your local sexual health clinic has that authority. A quick visit or 'phone call would provide the answer.   

Whatever you decide, good luck!! 


Ryan, as a rule of thumb, it's best to avoid unnecessary surgery since all surgery carries risks. In the case of circumcision, it is surgery in a very delicate place which can not be undone so you should look into it thoroughly. There is much more to it than the reasons you mention, some of which others would argue with. See:


Hi again, Ryan.  

Concerning your last comment, ie 'condoms also stay on'.  Condoms ought to stay on irrespective of whether you've been cut or are still intact. Without being insulting, are you sure you are putting them on properly?  Also do bear in mind that they are not a 'one size fits all' product. Just as penises come in a whole variety of shapes and sizes, so do condoms these days. Many manufacturers produce condoms in various sizes and it certainly does pay to use the product which best fits your requirements.   

All the best,



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