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Circumcision Road to Recovery Day 8


A progress of update! Stitches are starting to dissolve. Healing is going better than I thought it would! I've been using an ice pack more - doing 30 minutes on and off and using neosporin.

I'm happy with the progress so far.

Only concern that I have - will my penis erect to its full extent once the healing process is complete? I'm a grower.

I wish I didn't have to get the procedure done, but it was needed.

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It looks good mate and yes it will grow too your size it was before.

It really looks like you’re going to have an amazing result. Mine looks a whole lot like yours.

Do you have a pic of your frenulum?

It looks already very good! And no worries, the shaft skin will stretch providing your penis its full length when erect.

Can you pl share your pain experience ~ immediately after the anaesthetic wore off after the op, and then subsequent days ?

Were you given specific meds or what, and did they work for you ?

Some people report the pain as being 'excruciating' for days or even longer.

It takes time to grow to your normal size. It took me over 2 months but it's normal now.

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