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Circumcision made on 7 may


I have done it for medical reasons,phimosis.mine took 6 weeks to i good but a leak of pleasure is evedient.i want to say to everybody dont worrie and panik.if you have panik chek my home adress here and see my posts and you will see my panic and stress.just see how i was and it healed in 6 weaks.thank 's everybody that helped me here.good luck to everyone and good bless you all

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Great and healthy looking cut💯

Looks very nice

Looks a lot better than some on here, some look like they been butchered very badly.

I agree. It's unbelievable that some doctors can't perform such a simple operation without butchering it!

How long did it take for the sensitivity to go away?

Geni1234 in reply to Herbert33

The sensitivity has gone after 6 weaks.i have not that problem.My problem is that sensitivity has gone too much even in intercorse

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