Benefits of Rebounding

Rebounding is an elastically leveraged low impact exercise performed on an apparatus known as a rebounder sometimes called a mini-trampoline

A few Rebounding benefits for all ages

Increases circulation of oxygen

Helps lymphatic and circulatory system

Stimulates the metabolism

Promotes strength, endurance and stamina

Improves coordination and balance

Improves digestion and elimination

Promotes relaxation and sleep

Assists with weight management

Have fun and relieve stress

Activates the zygomaticus major and risorious muscle

Laughter can be contagious and brighten your day

3 Replies

  • One of the things that resonates deeply with the concept of rebounding is FUN! Who didn't like trampolining when they were a kid!

    Thank you Monique for submitting this.

  • Great information! Thanks.

  • Rebounding in trampoline is not only for fun ,having more health benefits .To know more about health benefits of trampoline visit

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