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Base of my penis is thinner than the rest of the shaft


The base of my penis when erect is thinner than rest of my shaft. I know it doesnt look very noticable on camera, but it bothers me a lot. Its very noticable in real life. Is there something I can do fix its shape

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It looks perfect fine. And I doubt you can change the shape of your penis lol.

But I mean come on, is a girl really gonna care if your dick isn’t’s not like she’s gonna start examining your dick bro.

Christ I wouldn’t be worried if that was mine bud! Looks a belter

It looks fine to me. How does it bother you?

I don't know of any way to change its shape

Girls love it

looks great to me, just keep using your cock

Their is not way to change the shape of your penis usually so your going to have to deal with it, it looks fine.

Leave it as it is. That shits long

Keep posting pic

Looks good to me lol. not a bad dick at now.

That’s what I was thinking your dick looks amazing.....

My art friends and I have a saying. Nobody hates the painting more than the artist. Your the only one who'll notice the imperfections of your penis because you're the one who spends the most time looking at it.

Lucky is all I can say.

It’s perfect as is.

Hi, You are uncircumcised? Your foreskin is fully retracted? Looks NICE!

Looks perfect buddy.

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