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Any idea what this is?

Any idea what this is?

Hey all anyone have any idea what this lump could be on my left rib and should I get it checked. it started about 2 weeks ago and at first was just small painful lumps under my skin which hurt when touched. Now 2 weeks later it is visible through my skin and still hurts to touch but also hurts if i stretch my arm or something feels like something is pulling. Sorry the picture isnt the best I hope you can see which bit I'm talking about - it sits just on my left ribs. if I feel along not the nobly little hard bits in it I can feel unto my armpit. Under the armpit used to hurt to touch a few days ago but doesn't hurt now which I just felt it though rib area does.

Any advice welcome

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You can chat with a GP Monday and Thursday 7-10pm.

At other times, click the button above to send an email.


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