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pain after... sounding


hey peeps! so i got into sounding a while ago

i dont do it that often maybe twice or thrice a month

after sounding however i do get a stinging sensation when peeing (i am well aware that it ls going to happen)

i do it fully knowing that theres going to be pain afterwards but i do want to ask, is there anything i can do to lessen the pain a bit?

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What is sounding?

zzzzzzzzjanke in reply to Rojaz

well its basically inserting things into.. into you know what

Rojaz in reply to zzzzzzzzjanke

Circumcision would remove all that.

zzzzzzzzjanke in reply to Rojaz

i dont want to get circumsized. i like my sensitivity & foreskin =]

JohnNicola in reply to Rojaz

Think again! Why would circumcision affect that? Sounding is dangerous anyway.

S2BC in reply to JohnNicola

I have no clue, either.

Hmm, when thinking further. There is a point. If you have a pin hole phimosis it's easier to carry on some bacteria to your bladder, cause of uncleaned material under the tip of your foreskin. ;)

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zzzzzzzzjanke in reply to Hidden

yeah i know that pain is always going to come after sounding i just wanted tips on how i could reduce the pain like if i should use any cream or anything

its just been 2 days and the pain is already gone though :)

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zzzzzzzzjanke in reply to Hidden

i didnt use any lubricant other than saliva as i am not 18 yet

and the "toy" i used was a DIY toy but nothing extreme, and i cleaned it up properly

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zzzzzzzzjanke in reply to Hidden

i live in europe and i dont think we have ky jelly here

however i have tried looking for lubricant in a few supermarkets but couldnt find anything

also the toy was super smooth, not rough at all

and the sounding was not that painful, i just felt it in there

Fplord in reply to Rojaz

How do you work that out?

Did you use lube enough and started with a thin dilator. I know the feeling you described. I'm not into that.

use plenty of sterile lube and do not use more than 5mm rod to start. Make sure that you are using proper surgical steel rods. Remember plenty of lube and take it slowly.

whats sounding ???


The secret is sterilise your toy

Use my lube go easy

Don't try to reach your prostate

That's a no no till you're well experienced

Going gently will soon make you cum

Enjoy yourself

Hidden in reply to Hidden

Correction. Use my lube

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