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Pain in pierced area after sex help


Last post took down sorry looking for help on inside urethra pain after sexual activity from piercing or better jewelry to wear

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I did reply but guess you didn't see it.

Thicker gauge rings tend to share the pressure over a wider area, also a ring diameter which is snug to the shape of your glans without pinching when erect is the best. What diameter and gauge is your jewellery. I found from 5mm upwards was best for comfort. Also titanium jewellery is lighter and doesn't cause any reaction with the body. If there is even the slightest bit of irriration from the metal of the jewellery then sex will only exacerbate that. Also check there is no scratching of the surface of the ring and that it is completely smooth.

How long is it since it was pierced? Also how long since your last stretch to a thicker gauge. When all settled and with the right jewellery you shouldn't have any annoyance, only added pleasure ;)

Tedboyg in reply to Frenum_uk



If you have urethral pain, it might be sensible to let your doc take a look or go to a Sexual Health Clinic.

Tedboyg in reply to Osidge

Ta but 100% not sti full check clean lol but ta I think I know its because had it out and was tight putting back in but calmed down today and wanked 2times already today and sex this morning so no bad the now 👍🤞

OsidgeModerator in reply to Tedboyg

Urethral pain has many causes and not just STIs. Glad you are feeling better.

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