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Slight concerns of possible phimosis?

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I am new here and I may be just slightly paranoid but I thought it would be better for me to ask than not to speak up at all. In sense, (I apologize if some terminology is incorrect), If I want to then I can fully bring the head of my penis out of the foreskin when flaccid and of course - no pain at all. However, when erect, I can't seem to be able to bring the head out, only about 1/3 of the way or maybe more close to half. It doesn't feel painful but it does then start to feel somewhat tight and like it wouldn't go further - It seems like I'd have to force it somewhat which I probably want to avoid doing. Maybe I'm just being too concerned by things I've read but is there anything I should do about this? - Just a little worried is all - Thanks in advance.

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If it's that tight, you don't want it to get trapped where it might swell up and be hard to pull over the glans. You need to talk with your GP and see what they. You might want to consider getting circumcised.

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Thankyou for this, I really wanted to avoid circumcision as there isn't actually any pain - just tight when erect! Thankyou very much.

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That's good advice from nowhard try the stretching and see how that goes.

I feel you are nearly there and with a little bit more you should be able to get everything working properly make sure and warm up beforehand take your time and be gentle. it is possible to overstretch and cause scarring you don't want to that because it only makes it tighter. if it doesn't improve then go to your GP and try some steroid cream this will help a lot.

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mate i have been trying to stretch mine for a while now but finding it tedious and not affective enough.if anything i am feeling like i am just doing damage to the tip between stretching and steroid cream.

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It’s nothing serious. While flaccid, insert fingertips and pull the opening apart. Hold for five minutes, and repeat four times per day. In about two months, it should be cured permanently. You don’t need surgery or any medicine, just fingers.

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Very grateful for these replies, and grateful that it isn't much to worry about, appreciate it a lot thank-you.

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jimfromcalif in reply to Fuel2605

Tune out the naysayers. Skin expansion is a proven technique used to grow new skin for mastectomy and burn victims. It works because our bodies are programmed that way. A graphic example of proof is the expansion of the abdomen as people put on fat.

Quit any use of soap on your foreskin, be attentive to any evidence of yeast, which is treatable. You can do this.

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I agree with most of the replies. Try stretching and use steroid creams if needed. If worried or in pain, go see your Doc'

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