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Woman completes 100 marathons in 100 days world record

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nowsterMetric Marathon
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An endurance athlete who has been running every day for 100 days has broken the record for completing the most marathons in consecutive days.

Kate Jayden, from Derbyshire, has completed a 26.2-mile run each day since January, covering 2,620 miles.

She hit the milestone as she finished the Brighton Marathon on Sunday.


Also, linked at the bottom from a few years ago:

Ultra runner Anna McNuff takes on 100 marathons barefoot bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-wales-...

13 Replies
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Proper hardcore!! 💪🏻👍🏻😁👌🏻

Bladerunner2049 profile image

An amazing achievement

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AlMorrHalf Marathon

Excellent, good for her, wow, a marathon every day for a hundred days is amazing, I don't think that I could run a 5K for a 100 days let alone a marathon.

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HeavyFootHalf Marathon


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Whaaatttt? 'Kate Jayden, from Derbyshire...' sounds so ordinary, but that's just extraordinary, amazing!!!

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I read Anna’s book about running NZ from top to bottom with no support, carrying all her gear in a backpack.She was a rower who didn’t make the cut for the olympics The book is really interesting. Specially the bits where she’s crossing deep rivers

From Derbyshire! That’s the third one! Jasmine Paris and Nicky Spinks the other two 🏃‍♀️Amazing runners. Thanks for posting. I shall go and have a read 👍😀

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There is also Jacky Hunt-Broersma (@NCrunnerjacky on Twitter) an amputee on a blade who is currently on number 85. She said she is planning to take the record from her now.

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CmoiAdministrator in reply to TailChaser

I don't use Twitter, but looked at that tweet and thought it remarkably churlish. "Someone beat me to the record." At least have the grace to name Kate Jayden and congratulate her before banging on about how you "need to totally smash this record."

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TailChaserMarathon in reply to Cmoi

You’re right, it didn’t sit comfortably with me either but maybe that’s how she manages to do what she does 🤷🏻‍♀️

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CmoiAdministrator in reply to TailChaser

I think cultural differences, upbringing and age (I'm old enough to be her mother) play a part. She might well see herself as being competitive and with strong self-belief, whereas I perceive her as arrogant and rude.

Glad I didn't offend you anyway! 😀

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TailChaserMarathon in reply to Cmoi

Oh no, I’m old enough to be her mother too 🤣

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That’s just not normal. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣Pretty impressive!

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UnfitNoMoreMetric Marathon

This puts my run streak into perspective… I’m ahead of her in days but just a little behind in mileage.

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