100 days of streaking ✔

100 days of streaking ✔

One of my new year goals was to do a runstreak for as long as I can. Not long after I had a horrific tummy bug. So I picked myself up and started again and I have got to 100 days!!!

I don't think it makes a huge difference on my running but it gives me a focus for my day which gives me a sense of achievement. I have found that it feels far more 'normal' to run ( if that makes sense?).

I hope to continue as long as I can and see where it takes me.

What's everyone else's experiences of streaking?



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17 Replies

  • I assume you're not using the word streaking in its traditional sense 😂

    Well done on getting out for a run every day. My legs would hurt wayyy to much after just a single week, I'm sure. So all due respect!

  • Some days I just do a mile which makes it very doable!!!

  • I think Ron Hill would inspire anyone, and his running streak has only just ended after about 50 years 😃 I just got some of his brand trail tights so maybe his prowess will rub off

    It doesn't have to be far so I wouldn"t rule it out,,but i"s fitting it all in

    I think ,on that basis, I'm out 😎

  • He is amazing isn't he? I hope the new trail tights are good??

  • Not for me, but very cool!

  • Well done. Would be a bit much for me I'm afraid.

  • It is do-able. A mile a day. Sounds like a prescription for good health 😃💪🏃‍♀️

  • Well done- that's a great achievement!

    One of my new year goals was to start mindfulness meditation. It took a while to get going but I downloaded an app, and now have done 76 days in a row!

    Once something becomes just 'what you do' it does get easier. But I am not sure I could go running every single day, much as I love it!

  • I did a week once, just as far as I felt like, some days, just a couple of KM, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great stuff JuJu, you looks amazing.

  • No sure my poor old legs could cope with running every day, I think I could cycle/run streak.

    I think the most i have ever done is a 6day run streak.

  • I did a streak a couple of years ago, from Thanksgiving until New Year's Day. Most days I only did a mile but some days I did more. I found it quite tiring, to be honest, although you are much fitter than I am to start with :) However, it did increase my pace quite considerably. The other thing was that it broke my dependency on running with music, because it was too much faff to add that to the list for a 10-minute run :D

    I'm glad I did it, but I won't do it again.

  • Wow! You make it sound so easy, but I remember hos tough my 11-day streak was back in January.

  • I think my longest was 6 days!!! 😊

    I've been seeing you clock up the days in strava, you've done brilliantly especially with that mammoth race thrown in!! 😊

  • I'm seriously impressed JJ -my longest streak was 3 days :D

  • I ran every day last year until almost the end of September (when a virulent stomach bug stopped me). I intended to do the same this year, but the marathon training sort of interfered with things. Now my marathon is done, I intend picking this up again, as I did feel much better running every day. Like you, on some days, I only did just over a mile (my minimum is generally 2k, simply as that is twice round the block my house is on - and once around never feels far enough). I did make sure that I ran 'different' runs to make sure I wasn't constantly pounding the same muscles (so some days I would do a tempo run, others a slow, controlled heart rate run).

  • The Tesco delivery van man was telling me yesters that he runs every day 🙂 He always does more than 4K he says

    Maybe more people do it than we realise

  • There are whole Facebook groups dedicated to it. I think there are loads.... every little helps!!!!!

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