Going for Gold

Going for Gold

For the last year I've been really slack on my diet and stuffing my face with anything. My running has also got slower which I think is linked.... so my cunning and dastardly plan is:


To get faster and get back to my previous 5 and 10k PB's

To get my juju tummy smaller


Interval July- less miles more oomph

Back to MFP - and Rignold has agreed to help me tame my tum with diet and exercise plans.


I LOVE the new sweaty Betty range and I have these golden shorts but I really want the top but no way could I pull that off at present!! Pic is not me.... obvs!!! She looks amazing!! . So that will be my treat at the end of August .....


Can anyone recommend some new interval routines and suggestions for getting quicker and any other wisdom on my plan?

Thankyou 😻

Happy panthering


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  • Understanding *why* you've been 'stuffing your face with anything' seems important. I don't mean hand wringing "It's not my fault" stuff, just as berating yourself for doing it doesn't help either... just a cool assessment informing strategies to avoid persisting in behaviour you don't like or doesn't further your legitimate goals.

    Might be easier said than done... I am clueless really about why 4+ years of daily yoga has gone out of the window for me this year... but I am sensing you are dealing with a heck of a lot of 'stuff'

    (I am no expert but I think that image looks a bit tweaked... and I reckon you could get away with that top right now... maybe not lounging on a sunbed, but that's not the plan is it?)

  • Awww Thankyou!! I've got into bad habits of eating too many granola bars and excess carbs and I've not reigned it in... usual stress and lack of time to prepare food etc ..... are you going to try and get back into your yoga? I know from what I've read about you that it's really important to you.... ?

  • Yes... it may be that I just need a break. I do sense (and your post reminded me) of a tiny bit of disillusion that I've been doing 'all' this core work all this time and still with a middle that measures higher risk... although maybe it is solid underneath that! But that was never all it was about.

    People change - my Dad has started Tai Chi classes! (He's finding it harder than all his cardio stuff...)

  • Wow good for him!!! The promises are high on all the extras we do but I'm yet to reap the benefits, particularly on the bodypumping! I hope you find your balance again soon xx

  • You too!

  • Brilliant kit ju-ju- You will absolutely smash it. I know in pics I've seen of you you've totally got the legs for this so your tum can't be far behind. I'm trying to kick the carb based snacks too. I've discovered meridian pure smooth peanut butter - big tub Β£3 - easy way to up the protein. Add a spoonful into porridge, satay-style stir fries, tomato-based curries, and spread onto rice cakes. My fave is dark choc kallo rice cakes with peanut butter. It's just really easy, minimum prep. Great energy boost to have a couple of hours before an evening run. As for beating your pbs I think cooler temperatures will probably help for starters ;)

  • Awww Thankyou so much! Sadly my tum hasn't had as much attention as my legs!!! And I love your food ideas I'm going to try them... and I think you are right too about the weather!!!

  • Yay for me it's the opposite - my legs are a massive work in progress still but this summer they've been on show a lot more than ever before! Must be a sign... or maybe it's just too hot to hide them away any more! :) Enjoy your food and training adventures you will totally win the golden prize :)

  • That's great re your legs!! And Thankyou 😎

  • Did you know that today is #globalsportsbrasquad day? I would certainly forgive you if you didn't :) But apparently this was the day for we women to throw caution to the winds and go running with our tops off! I've never been brave enough, but on hot days I get very tempted sometimes, and could see me taking the plunge soon. Unfortunately the saying "abs are made in the kitchen" is true (and I've got a massive granola habit!), so I would probably just have to live with the wobbles...

    Love those gold shorts by the way, and I have seen pictures elsewhere of you absolutely rocking them :)

    As to actual wisdom, I must say I hit PBs at 5 and 10k while doing the infamous "hard" MyAsics marathon training plan earlier this year, which actually had no interval training whatsoever! So I dunno what was going on there :) It had a lot of "fast" 8k and 12k runs, which I rather shudder to think of now. The long runs were still fun, though, and I'm thinking about the 80:20 theory for when I get settled back into running training, so I'll mixing up some intensive interval work with a lot of fun easy runs. Maybe that would be helpful for you, if you haven't already been trying it?

    Good luck with it anyway, excellent goals!



  • I must hasten to add, it means taking your top off and running in just a sports bra - not NO bra, eek! :D

  • Thankyou so much, and that is so hilarious about the no bra day, I love it!!! And that article is really good. I am most definitely going to do the 80/20 rule and read more about it 😎

  • Hi juju obviously I absolutely cannot give any advise at all cause I don't know what I'm doing at the moment and I have the problem of a flabby belly where as the rest of my body seems to be toning, it drives me mad. I always blame the kids 😁 which they're not impressed with 😁 I think life in general brings so many stresses and strains that our commitment to anything suffers now and again but I'm sure you'll get back to where you want to be, good luck ☺

  • My tummy hasn't been the same since I had mine, and I've had 2 caesareans which has left me with a horrible scar that has an overhang... sorry TMI !!!

  • No that's fine I'm the same c-section when I had twins 16yr ago and although the scar is very faint, the overhang certainly seems to stay no matter what I do 😐

  • I know that you achieve whatever you set your mind to. And panthers are well-known for their slinky sleekness.🐾

    I hope that the gold is not a response to my 'black vest' comment a couple of days ago ;-) And will that zip be comfortable??

  • No I'm just embracing gold - I'll stick to that and black!!! And yes I think I'll need to try it on first!!

  • eat proper food you made yourself. It doesn't need to be a major undertaking πŸ™‚

    If you run your usual trail just push harder on the way back. Let rip for the last k or half km πŸ™‚πŸ’ͺπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜ƒ

  • Yes- good plan, Thankyou!! 😎

  • I have tried a number of diets and health hacks. Whenever I feel like shedding a few pounds I've found the 5:2 diet to be consistently reliable.

  • I ran Stamina last night Ju and it is seriously kick ass. The last five minutes is 160 bpm. I was knacked after it

    Give it a go πŸ˜ƒπŸ’ͺπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

  • I don't have any advice on speed, unfortunately, but just wanted to say that I always find you an inspiration. In fact, for some time now I've considered emulating you and wearing lipstick to races. I don't wear makeup in general, but you always look so great in your photos that I'd like to try too.

  • Here's another vote for the 80:20 "rule". Mat Fitzgerald's book about it is a great read, so if you haven't done so already, it's definitely worth getting it on the kindle and snuggling up with it for a few hours.

    As always with these books though, the main take-away is the method and the structure. The 517 different training plans for all distances between 23 inches and 3200 miles (handy if you've just signed up to the cross-Russia off-road ultra) are really just page fillers.

  • I nearly bought that book, but baulked at the price, and some of the comments on Amazon (filler as you mention). But a good read you say? Also I really enjoyed his book Diet Cults... hmmm

    On the other hand I found an oldish article by the same fella, with a marathon plan, which is kinda all I want :)


  • Err i know how you feel! i just been eating twice as much breakfast twice and much lunch and just as much dinner in last few months, and i still feel hungry and havent put on weight! Maybe i got worms!

    I have no idea for you to get quicker, apart from intervals! (and who wants to do them!) and just trying to run faster each time you go out, quicker up that hill.

    disappointed you haven't put a link to the golden outfit, I think i could see myself running beachyhead marathon in that.

  • I can't give you any advice on speed, I'd love to run as fast as you do :) As for food, good luck with cutting out the crap... I know what's responsible for my tum, but I haven't got the willpower to cut it out :D

  • Oh, and a request... could I have a half marathon badge please?

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