Going the distance on the long ones- help!!

Going the distance on the long ones- help!!

I have had a few days by the sea. There is nothing I like more than running on the beach! I really do need to be getting in some much longer training runs though but I'm struggling to find the desire to go out for such a long time......

any help on this appreciated. ....

So far I have done an 11 mile and planning 13,15,18 and 21 all on the trail with loads of hills to prepare for my hilly marathon.

Happy panthering



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  • Having only just made it up to HM distance, I can't offer any help I'm afraid, but I kind of have the feeling that you will get out there and do those long runs Juju, because it means so much to you. Running for 13 miles is a fair old slog and takes commitment - going for the full marathon must be such a massive physical and mental challenge! My sister, who I saw this weekend, is currently trying to decide whether to go for a full marathon (having done a few HM's) and we were talking about about the commitment (and planning) needed for those long runs. Anyway, lots of luck with your training and lovely beach photos too! Looks blissful!x (apart from the gulls!)

  • Thankyou, I think its a case of needs must isnt it.... I would quite happily run 8 miles every day, I just find running more than 2 hours gets boring!!!

  • I cannot even imagine running 10 miles let alone the longer distances! The beach looks lovely and the weather is improving. If you have the determination and time to train I am sure you will power through it like a panther. Good luck with it!

  • Thankyou... and I am so lucky to be able to run there, its just stunning!!

  • Can't offer a lot but last year when I was extending my distances I started running out and back alongside a local river. Had never been along there before so had the aim of seeing where the next bit took me all the time. It is quite hard finding the longer times as welltho', isn't it, no point going out if you are under anytime pressure.

  • Thats very true, and i agree doing different routes with there and back does help!!

  • I hear you, when you find the answer I'm all ears!

  • OK!!!!

  • Audiobook! If there's a book you know you have enjoyed and would enjoy again then that's quite a few hours of listening (fantasy are good ones for getting lost- Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, etc.). Audible give a free trial. Also, podcasts. I'm not at all a history buff, but Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is hours of incredible history synopsis.

  • A few people have suggested that before but I have never tried..... I really like listening to music though, but perhaps i just switch it on after an hour or so??? Thankyou for the suggestions too!!

  • A few days by the sea sounds like heaven 😀 Finish the run on the prom and sit down with something good to eat

    I did a long run today, on my own, on the trail and really enjoyed it. I thought at the end that a marathon would involve running nearly the same distance again, which is a sobering thought but not once you've trained for it though, which you will 😀 You might feel more up for it once the weather brightens up. I took the Sami podcasts with me so had some good tunes to cheer me up

  • That sounds lovely and trails are the best arent they!! My mum made me eggs on toast for when i got back so that was fab!!!! :)

  • hmmm this is a bit of a pickle isnt it. You need to remmber why you are doing it and the reason's why your doing it. People (non runners) think doing a marathon is easy you just get up and do it your a runner after all. They don't apprichate all that training you need to do before hand on those cold dark winter nights.

    Try sone new routes, try thinking possitie and make sure you put it in your calander so you dont end up doing something else.

  • That is so true, and I will do that.... good idea, as I dont follow a training plan, I just 'wing it'!!!! I do have a calendar I use to put on my miles, strength training and numbers of my streaking. Thankyou that is so helpful!!

  • You've had some great suggestions. I'd add that, although you obviously need to have the time available even if the desire to use it all on running is wobbly, perhaps otherwise just not thinking about the time a run will take might help?

    Another possibility might be getting someone to drive you far enough out so that you just have to run the relevant distance home?

  • Thats a great idea and i was chatting with my mum about that when we were studying the map of the area.... I used to cope by thinking of it as a journey with various stops on the way!!!

  • I also meant to say that a few Spring-like days might take care of it all.

  • so true.....

  • Speaking of spring days, did anyone notice how dark it was yesterday tea time? It was as black as pitch our way. Hurry up lighter nights! 😞

  • I find that planning a route somewhere new where I haven't run before keeps it fresh and helps with the motivation to get going. Turn it into a bit of an adventure, rather than "oh shucks, it's Saturday so I've got to go out there and run myself knackered".

  • I was thinking the same about turning it into an adventure, I like to take my time and a lot of photos, then write it up! :)

  • I rely on podcasts for my long runs - although I've never run further than an HM. The BBC has quite a couple of longer podcasts that I enjoy.

  • New routes with a 'there and back' are good - but make sure you never turn until you have got to the halfway point (the 'I'll just do an extra once around the block when I get home' miles never seem to happen!). I try to plan routes where I can treat myself at the end (running back for cake always helps!). I use audio books when I run on my own, but my long runs are with the 2 others I will be running with on the day - having company really helps!

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