Streaking benefits ✔️

Streaking benefits ✔️

I am currently on day 32 of my running streak and I am really LOVING it. Its boosted my performance, my va va voom and also taken away all the random faff of planning....

Gains so far:

Weekly mileage slowly going up ✔️

I have no structure- the rule is to do what I fancy depending on my mood and how my body feels ✔️

I am getting stronger. I did 7 miles on my trail both Sat and Sun ( pic taken at the top of the hill) and the hills felt Ok, I felt great. I woke this morning and decided to do a tempo 5k and loved that feeling of speed... ✔️

On 'rest' days ( or days I feel tired) I run the 1.5 miles slowly to the childminders to collect my daughter loaded up with drinks and sweets, then we walk back together through the fields chatting. Its brought us closer having that time together. ✔️

On Thursdays I run to the gym for my spinning class and run back. That usually really tires me out but it feels great to be able to ✔️

There are no real downsides for me yet...

I do however have a goal I am aiming for. I want to do the HM distance in under 2 hours. I will not be following a plan but I think I need one more session a week of interval type work. I do my 30,20,10 usually once but I need another session. My 5k time this morning was 27.26 and I want to take 1.5 minutes off that as that is the recommended time to get to my goal. What do you guys recommend, and what has worked for you?

Happy panthering


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  • I'm on the 21st day of a streak and so far I'm not sure whether it's actually doing me much good or whether I'm just enjoying getting to run more often.

  • yay... :)

  • In terms of what works for me in terms of speeding up I'd say run at different paces during the week, including at least one interval workout and RACE whenever you can - use parkrun as a flat-out, competitive session.

  • good point, I havent been to parkrun for ages and its a great way to get that out of the system. My son wants to go back too as he is doing triathlon training so great idea!!!

  • Seriously, I am in awe Juju! I have been struggling with the muggy weather a bit I think, and then there you are, running every day and looking that glamorous too! All I can say is a big well done to you🙂.

  • thats amazing 32 days of running its great and really good to hear your getting faster and stronger. The only thing i have heard that is good for speed is hill repeats, run up the hill normally, then trot down to recover, second time run up a bit faster, then a recovery on the way down, and then run up again but this time the fastest you can, then cool down. As you get better at doing it you increase the length or steepness of the hill or the increase the amounts of times you go up and down.

    on a side note its my 9th day of non running streak.

  • Blimey!! Well done :)

  • Whoa JJ I'm in awe. You are quickly becoming our female Rignold with activities like that! Awsome.

    Ps I can't actually offer any advice..... I wouldn't dare! 😆

  • That's fantastic JJ, don't think I could be that dedicated! Like AHS, I try to do parkruns every week, but don't always manage it 😯. I find belonging to a running club has helped me. I get lots of support and encouragement and there are groups of us going to different races all the time.

  • Wowsers 32 days that's great and you're loving it!

  • You're certainly looking good on it! I'm impressed :). I keep seeing mention of your 30,20,10 on here. How does it work?

  • That's fanatsic 32 days straight. I like the way your breaking them up, it dosent all have to be hard work. Love the photo.

  • Excellent going juju. This has made me think about starting one....

  • never done more than a week straight, but I have decided to give it a try. i am currently on my 16th day with 120 miles. I already know I am going to stop this on Saturday or Sunday as I am off to Italy on Holiday for 15 days, but it might resist... let's see where we can get :)

    I like the feeling :)

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