Tips on increasing Speed

I found this on one of my Linkedin groups... and I tried the bum clenching and shorter strides on my interval session yesturday and it definately helped. To summarise the tips are:

Short and soft strides

Engage your glutes

Flow back, don’t pull forward ( not tried this yet but I will do tonight)

What do you think??


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  • Sounds a lot like chi running, and I have found it has increased my speed quite a bit!

  • ooooo whats that??

  • Based on tai chi balance and natural momentum, the posture slightly tucks the pelvis to straighten the spine and engage the abdominal muscles (this I think is like the buttock clenching bit). Leaning forward from the heels causes the body to fall forward, each foot is picked up to stride, keeping the knees pointing downward and relaxed, with the feet naturally lifting upwards and backwards. Short stride, with feet landing lightly underneath the body, and more onto the mid-foot than the heel.

  • I try these, if I can remember them all.

  • one at a time? Otherwise you wont know which one it was that helped???

  • I am all or nothing kinda guy!

  • I did wonder!!!

  • I shall give them a try!

  • Thanks juicyju - useful link. Going to remember this on my next run.☺

  • I shall try the butt clenching tomorrow but I don't understand the back flow : envision the running motion happening behind you. Huh? Does this just mean kicking your heels up high?

  • Just sneaked in from bridge to 10K, this is really helpful advice. I have been trying to alter my stride to avoid painful knees. Will now engage my glutes! I've never thought of using that huge wobbly item that follows me around before.

  • What does the flow back bit mean?

  • I'm not entirely sure, but I have tried the other two and they definately work!!!!

  • When taking a step instead of lifting your knee up in front of you, think of lifting your heel up behind you, trying to keep your knee pointing downwards. Legs and hips relaxed. Your whole body has to be leaning forwards to achieve this without over-extending the spine, but kept straight, not slumping over from the waist. The arms also should flow backwards. :)

  • So much to think about, but this sounds like a good challenge.

  • Thanks Roseabi - like chi running?

  • Yes - well... that's my interpretation anyway :)

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