New Toy

New Toy

i got a new toy this weekend. A new runnng watch and its not a garmin :( its an epson and it has purple bits on it! But it does have very accurate GPS far more then my phone and old watch. It has an inbuilt HR monitor too, and does all the things i want it to do. The phone app to upload data is a bit clunky but i can get over that. It was only 60quid so i can forgive the little bit of girly purple on it!

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  • Ooo i dunno about that 😕

    Only kidding! It's fab! You took it for a spin yet? ☺

  • took it to parkrun on saturday and wore my old and new watch. the new one you can see where you go down the funnel on the 2nd lap my old watch never showed that!

  • That is a brilliant alternative to the Garmin by the looks of it Ben !

    Please let us know how you go on with it ....

    We like Girly Purple too ! :-) xxx

  • Its good so far! the app isnt as good good as Garmin connect (my bike computer is a garmin) but then it all uploads into strava which is what i care about.

  • Ive just had a look at this , it does everything that a Garmin does at a cheaper price too , that's really good to know. Thanks for this Ben xxx

  • No problem, I found my one on ebay. (thats why its so cheap)

    this is the best review, in fact he does the best reviews of all GPS kit.

  • Ah I see, I thought that was the retail price brand new ! It does compare well to the Garmin model though doesn't it ? :-) xxx

  • Yes it does! just shop around i am sure you can find one cheap.

  • Ooh purple! If you don't like it Ben, chuck it over here! I lurve purple! Does it have cadence and all that other stuff?

  • haha its only a tiny bit of purlple and officaliy its violet! it has Cadence and tells you how long your steps are and stuff. Not really sure what to do with that information but still!

  • I'd love a watch like that, if/when my Garmin gives up the ghost I will definitely get one with cadence at the very least. Since my achilles problem I have found if I take smaller steps and pick my heels up at the back I don't have any niggles - smaller steps, in my case at least, leads to more of them, I'm pleasantly surprised to find I've speeded up a bit! I'd love to see that on a graph, overlayed with pace.

  • Nice!

    good to know, thanks for sharing :)

  • I think she is very fetching. I hope she behaves herself ;)

  • She has been doing very well, 5km at parkrun before it was coming in at between 4.6 to 4.9km! But i couldn't do my normal one last week as it was cancelled. The heart rate i compared the HR to my HR strap and it always had a difference of 1beat so thats pretty good i reckon. She did fail to up load once but thats maybe my rubbish phone then her!

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