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CSR a year on

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Hi, about a year ago I posted about my distorted vision and fear of having WetAMD. A year on and numerous visits to opticians and hospitals it’s definitely Chronic CSR, including the original & current episode I’ve had 4 occurrences in 12 months, 1 with no visual effects and 1 with very minor distortion. Both of those cleared up in a matter of weeks, here’s hoping the current episode follows the same pattern.

My vision returns to 20/20 with glasses but I do notice I have dimmed colors especially yellow and some greens in my affected eye along with a decrease in night vision.

My consultant has mentioned PDT but seems to prefer the wait and see approach and as the fluid has absorbed quite quickly each time he has chosen the conservative option.

My worry is that every time it happens there is more chance of permanent damage. I’ve an appointment tomorrow to find out the severity of this latest leak and plan on asking about Eplerenone tablets. As I already take medication for Hypertension, swapping one tablet for another that also helps my CSR seems to be a win win.

Has anyone had experience of being on Eplerenone ?

Kind regards Neil.

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Hi I've had chronic csr for 10 years im at the pdt clinic today as I have funding for treatment. My vision is very impaired I no longer drive and I'm registered as partially sighted if they offer u pdt go for it. It saved my sight. Regards Mandy aged 54

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