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CHRONIC CSR BOTH EYES, any success stories?

Hello, I am writing on behalf of my brother, we live in Mexico so there is not a lot of information and no organizations for something so specific. Retina specialists don't seem to know what to do. He's had CSR for 2 years now so its chronic and recently had an episode on the other eye, he's had like 8 episodes in total with epithelium detachment. He is 36 and has always lead a healthy life, goes to gym, not much work, supplements (using USANA), etc. He just had another episode on one of the eyes and can't see almost anything on that eye, takes like 4 months to get better but we fear it would leave scars or get worse every time. Doctors don't want to use laser because on one eye, the leak is right at the center, so that could potentially blind him. He is so depressed, feels life will never be the same and there is no hope. Doctors only say to wait and hope to get better,,, is there really nothing to do? will he just have episodes for life and be eventually disabled? will this develop to AMD? ...I have searched everywhere and online to see if there are any success stories, but can't find any. Most are related to dry cases and non chronic and not on both eyes, he seems to have the worst-case scenario conditions,,,, any light on this would be very helpful, we just don't know what to do/expect, its extremely sad and has already tried all natural alternatives, gym, meditation, diet, counseling, etc... what to do???? PLEASE HELP, specially if there is any hope or success stories would be great to know, thank you so much.

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Hello Pila123

So sorry to hear of your brother's eye problems. I wish I could give you more help. There seems to be no treatment available at present, except for laser treatment to seal the leakage, but of course, even that is not always suitable especially if the leakage is too close to the macula or the optic nerve. Your brother is doing everything right, living a healthy life style. He could try macushield (another supplement) to protect the macula, but he must ask his consultant's opinion first. It is stated that CSR is stress related, but it is understandable that he is stressed out. So to relax is easier said than done. It may help if he can focus on the good things in life rather than worry too much about what may or may not happen in the future. There is no evidence that CSR will lead to wet AMD. Let us know how he is getting on. Wishing you both all the best.


...good to know it might not develop to AMD, although with each episode, his vision gets more damaged, some colors are a bit different, and a little blind spot when he is reading a straight line, he is so sad, and we all are, so young and can't believe there is not a treatment, feels like a nightmare really..... if at least there were success stories with same circumstances would be very uplifting, but we can't find any :S , just praying for a miracle at this point


Dear pila123,

I have some information on CSR which may be useful to you. It could be used as a discussion point with your brother's ophthalmologist. Please contact us direct on:


Kind regards,

Macular Society helpline


Thank you so much, will do


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