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Update 4th Ozurdex implant


So 4 th implant done yesterday (Tuesday). New Dr again ( though I think I've seen him either at review or a lucentis inj). Friendly and efficient - good job as the nursing team didn't seem switched on that this was an ozurdex. No implant ready, no anaesthetic injection ready. Nurse disappeared to return a minute later asking for the key to the fridge....came back with wrong substance...Dr spotted it and off she went again....I'm still laying there waiting, eye drying out....was already nervous as its been 5 months since last one.

Anyhoo. It went ok except for the eyeball massaging afterwards which was quite vigorous and made me feel sick . I wanted to ask why he did it but didn't want to open my mouth! Lol They didn't do it with my first one which was at the bottom of the eye but this and the last one were in the upper part ( I recall last Dr rubbing a little bit but this guy really went for it and my vision was swinging wildly from side to side). Before the implant, when they mark eye with a q tip, he rubbed with that too which felt weird and I heard nurse say " oh so that leaves an indent so you know where to put the implant" - I guess it's just his way of doing it but I wish they'd all do the same thing as I lay there and start to worry what else new they're gonna do next!

You won't be surprised to hear that I held on to the nurse's hand with an iron grip ha ha.

Dr wiped the inner lid carefully ( no-one else's done that) and told nurse it was to remove all the iodine and I wouldn't need it washing out more, just the soothing drops. I was sceptical but haven't had any problems. Will still ask for wash out if I need another though.

Eye's a bit achy but always is when they go in the upper part. Got a headache but again that's pretty usual for me. Vision still blurry but as mentioned before don't know if that's the cataract. It's the one reason I'm wanting to get it done - so that I know if oedema is better or not. Will let y'all know how it goes.

Off for some paracetamol and a lie down now - got a mouth full of stitches from dental implant surgery Monday! Keep smiling everyone, and when my mouth has healed I'll be smiling too!

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What an interesting and comprehensive report, Eyesright. Gosh, you make me feel like a wimp. I am with you all the way, when it comes to procedures being different depending on who is doing the treatment. At least that's one thing our hospital have done well. Iodine gives me a problem too but I don't have a wash. I think she removes any visible sign of iodine.

The last time I had a new post crown replaced, the dentist tried to persuade me to have an implant, but I thought best stick to what I know. Assuming this is what you have had done, my dentist didn't say anything about stitches!! Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Very best wishes for a speedy recovery. xx

eyesright in reply to Bobbie915

Hi Bobbie, delayed reply as waiting to see dentist. Had 6 stitches out yesterday, he said he did it to ensure both sides of incision heal perfectly level ( implant is in upper incisor position with previous implant on one side). I think it's just his way. Having them out hurt more than the implant lol.

Bobbie915 in reply to eyesright

Many thanks for the update, Eyesright. It makes having eye injections sound like childs play. I think I will stick to crowns! When I lived in South Africa, They quoted for me to have a full set of implants, for about £5,000, very cheap compared with UK. They said I would need to have bone transplant done in hospital. That really switch me off.

As usual you appear to take it all in your stride - brave little lady! x x x

eyesright in reply to Bobbie915

Quivering jelly inside lol x

it's good to her the implant went smoothly- hope the soreness wears off soon. Are you having the cataract done soon Eyesright?

eyesright in reply to rosyG

Waiting on date for cataract but expect within next month or so.

Gosh you are having a week and there are still two days left! Whilst there is improvement we can all do it. Sending you our very best wishes and a much needed hug.

Cheers from The Smilers

Best wishes to you eyesright. Love your posts they’re often so up beat


Hope you feel better now, eyesright though the problem in your mouth may take a little longer to heal. I hope that the removal of your cataract in your bad eye does not interfere with your Ozurdex implant, but I am sure they know what the are doing. So. please do not worry too much about it in advance though that is usually easier than done. I hope everything goes well for you.

That is a lot to go through all at once!

eyesright in reply to arwmd

Between a rock and a hard place is my usual location lol. Eye appt came after dental ones planned so just easier to go with it....

Hi eyesright

A tough week for you but as usual you have retained your ability to write a great tale and to hold on to your sense of humour.

Hope your mouth and your eye heal well.

Best wishes to you.

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