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Im having pains in my lower back, chest pain underneath my right breast, headaches like ive been hammered across the head, brain fog- eqivelent to dementia blah de blah de blah

anyway iv noticed that when i sit in the bath i immediatly get a headache like the hot smoke of the bath is knocking me out i start feeling dizzy and feel like im going to faint i know that sounds dramatic or its like i want to collapse and go asleep for along time i feel sort of weak i dont why this is is it do with my blood i do have APS was anemia level is 12.3 so its normal now is it that or bloody lupus yet again. and what should i do.

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You poor thing, I dont have the answers to your questions I'm afraid, but I do suggest that you see a medical professional to alert them to your symptoms. Aside from the pain and discomfort, I would imagine its' quite scary too.

All the best hope you get the help you need soon,


Danielle2419 in reply to Slowmo

Its so scary im so young and its one day im ok the next BOOM somethings wrong again thanks for the reply i guess i will go to see my gp as my rheumy's secectary refused an early appointment.

Sounds really horrible,what medication are you on for your APS. Have you seen your Gp about this , could be a lot of things

Such as blood pressure problems, infection plus more so you really need to go.

Also don't have a bath when you are alone, don't have really hot water and if you can shower instead

Good luck, hope you feel better soon

Danielle2419 in reply to daisyd

i take asprin 75mg for APS it can make my headaches go away too umm my blood pressure i assume is fine i have a monitor when i can check it so i dont think its that i dont no about infection can you tell me more on that do you mean infection in the blood?

Hi no I ment any infection, ear infections can cause dizziness also urine infection chest infections,etc

How did you find out you had APS? do you see a. Heamatologist along with your rheumatogist? What does your gp say

Danielle2419 in reply to daisyd

oh silly me i found out i had aps when i was really ill last year i got diagnosed with lupus and aps at the same time my st thomases i just had several blood tests i only see a rhuematologist but they change each time i go to an appointment. and i havent seen my gp about the issue yet the problem seems to have last for about a couple of weeks sometimes i wont get a headache sometimes i just want to pass out though.

Maybe the heat is aggravating your symptoms Metoyou? I found this out the hard way when I tried a hot tub out. I thought it would do wonders for my aching joints, but had to go to bed & sleep it off, it made me feel so ill.

But as the others say, get your symptoms checked out to be on the safe side. X

I would make an appointment with your Gp explain everythig to him/her, some people are seen by Haematologists some Rheumatologists they both look after patients with APS Lupus is I think more likely to see a rheumatologist ,

If you can take someone with you to your Doctors, I think they take more notice and it helps

You remember if your brain is like mine

Good luck, take care xx

thank you both i did think it might be the hot water roobarb i have it hot too because it think it helps my joints maybe its getting to my head as well but i really dont no i will check with the gp soon

Daisyd, i will definatly go to the gp when i have time i hope he will take notice some of them generally dont or they dont no what thier doing my brain is terrible hahaha my brain fog is getting worse im sure of it but i shall definalty remember to make an appointment just to be on the safe side.

Hi metoyou, I used to get this in the early stages, I would try and have a relaxing bath a and end up really tired and covered in red blotches. I think it's all about your body struggling with what is happening to it as it is very temperamental when you first get diagnosed and the meds are either wrong or haven't kicked in. I didn't really find a solution except to have the bath not so hot but I still found I had a reaction to it

I haven't had a bath for years (but I do shower ;) ), as I had the same symptoms as you describe. Hot water made me totally exhausted for hours - fell asleep in the bath several times. I think seeing your GP would be a good idea. Take care. xxx

Hi metoyou, I have see lupus, just been to docs as feeling dizzy, worse in the bath which I was having because all my joints were aching more than usual. I felt I was on a ship or on a plane with turbulence, head too heavy for my shoulders as well as headache - anyway go thinks it may be labyrinthitis, which is an infection in the inner ear, can be caused by viral infection. Started medication which has helped already - hope there is a simple answer for you too, try and get gp appt and get it checked, good luck

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