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Tip for Lupus pain that feels a bit like Sciatica

Whilst on holiday I had a horrible flare up of the sciatica type pain I get in one of my buttocks. The pain makes it impossible to walk, stand or sit...I don't know what to do with myself when it comes. When at home I use a firm foam roller to ease the pain. I didn't have this on holiday so I used a large wooden rolling pin instead! It's much better than the foam roller! I place it where the pain is and I roll backwards and forwards very slowly. I stop when the rolling pin hits the most pain and I hold it there. I repeat this for some time. Usually this type of flare lasts for 3 or so days.... My pain had gone by the next day. I was so happy!!! I hope this can help some of you too.

?? X

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Yes, I know, I use this for muscle pain too, brilliant.


Thanks for the tip! I've been getting really bad pain in my 'seat' so from the waistband of my trousers to the top of my thighs?!

Will try the rolling pin idea!


It should definitely ease your pain Loopylooby. Good luck! Xxx


Thanks for the tip, my sister has a hip problem and similarly uses a firm tennis ball which she states works equally well.

I'm interested to hear the comments on sciatica type pain - my GP diagnosed me with sciatica a few weeks ago, exactly as you described - in agony, real difficulty to walk, sit stand or lie - although walking/standing was less painful than sitting or lying down. I was convinced it was due to the SLE which had been causing me hip pain for days prior to the buttock being affected - but she was adamant that sciatica was the cause. When I took strong pain relief for a week the pain eased. I can't imagine sciatica would disappear so quickly?



Omg..... Didn't relate the sciatic pain I get could be my Lupus, I just walk the lounge for hours.....find keeping moving helps, Tennis ball sounds a great idea.... thanks for the tip.... Rusty


Great tip - thanks. I have a huge foam roller, but, as you say, not exactly portable!


I have been known to suffer bouts of sciatica type pain. I didnt link it specifically with Lupus or the other conditions I have, but have noticed that I am more prone to it if I am going through a long fatigued spell and feel weak generally.

I wish a rolling pin would sort it when I get it, as it leaves me only able to lie still when it really strikes. Getting up with sticks or not at all. :-) Fortunately most of the time all is ok, but when it strikes its agony.


Definitely going to try the rolling pin and if I doesn't work I can use it to bash myself over the head when the fog kicks in :-) :-)

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Thanks! I'll try that when my skin is a bit better. I'd try anything once. My lupus is in a flare at the mom 2 go with the withdrawal from pregabalin. Nothing like being greedy, ay!

I call it my lupus, that's a joke, does anyone else want it?

Takke care sweetkin n good luck. Love J. XX


Wow! That's amazing,thanks for that info (and it won't cost anything!) Hope it continues to work for you :) x


thank you for this i will sertinaly give this a try i have bn suffering from this for so long recently x


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