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Using a med that blocks pain, via the brain

Hi all - merry Christmas -

I'm David from the US. Suffer from lupus, and a grocery list of other add ons. Mostly trying to control clots. After reading many of your posts I decided to ask if anyone else is trying this. Because of where a clot was sitting on my brain it's causing all kinds of pain on my left side . Can't point to mt leg or hip knee it all hurts. Doc I'd giving me a med that controls the pain reseptors in your head. 5 days with no pain , none Nasdaq zero, ok I fib , a little here n there but on 1 to 10 where before I was 11 I can honestly say a 1. Now that may sound amazing , and it is. But, there's always a but lol. I can't feel any pain , so if I should happen to have a heart attack again or stub my toe n break it I won't know if anything is wrong, other than symptoms such as shortness of breath, fevor that ode type still work. My question for y'all , would you keep taking it ? So hard to go back to pain after not having it, scares me. Sounds like a no brainier " no pun intended lol" oh in if ya stop, them restart there's a good chance it won't work the same.

Perplexed, looking for advise

Thank you

David J

From Tampa Florida

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I'm not sure what I would do in that case but I doubt the doctors here would prescribe such a pain killer if one of the side effects would lead to not being able to recognise critical symptoms. I hope you find a resolution to this.


Just wondering if u have antiphospholipid & if they have u on anything 2 thin the blood? Personally I think I'd b seeking a 2nd opinion as don't like the idea of numbing the pain THAT much, as u say, it's a bit dodgy :0/


I am on blood thinner caumadin, & lovenix shots . This is 3rd option . I know I'm perplexed too! And I know I can't stay in it! But... It feeelss so night to have no pain!

Thank you !!


I don't know David, it's such a double-edged sword with lupus etc I guess u've just gotta weigh up the pros & cons & work out what's best 4 u :0/


Dear David,

Can I have some please for when I'm in flare, nothing but nothing I can get will even take the edge off the pain when in flare and it can go on for a week or more till it starts to ease. I don't think I would like to take it on a permanent basis though, it's bad enough with lack of sensation in hands as it is. Only you can take the decision as whether to continue or not, but if you decide to stop, make sure there's something else to take over straight away.

I see you are in Tampa, hope to be landing there in February on the way to Clearwater, but don't tell my rheummy, I'm not going to.

Love, prayers and best wishes.


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