New Here: Does anyone find a body pillow helpful for lupus & fibro pain?


First post so I hope this is okay to post here.

I have had systemic lupus and fibromyalgia for a few years now (with all the bonus conditions/effects). I have recently been having quite a bad flare of muscle and joint pain, which is affecting my sleep. I am looking at possibly buying a body pillow to find comfortable positions or take some strain off my joints at night time. I was wondering if anyone has/uses one? If so, which shape do you find best and which joints is it best for?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you. x

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  • I have a straight long body pillow as I sleep on my side, it seems to help with knees and hips. I have lupus and fibro too. Good luck with finding a way for a better nights sleep

  • That's what I was thinking, though seen the V shaped ones too. Do you mind me asking where you got yours? They seem to vary quite a lot in price and quality. Thank you for your reply xx

  • I have a v one but just use it when sitting up in bed or when having bad days then use it downstairs too for sitting. I believe I bought straight one from e bay and it wasn't too expensive but it does help x

  • Okay, that's helpful. Thank you x 

  • I hve a tempur mattress which is perfect for joints and use ordinary pillows but also a pillow to put under my arm (the top arm) when I lie on my side.  This takes the strain.  I go everywhere with that extra pillow.

  • me too: makes ALL the diff!  and i have tempur pillows for my head & to sit up against when reading + a tempur mini-pillow to go under & between my knees

  • GRRRREAT  subject, heather

    am a huge long time user & big fan of all sizes and types of pillows to support & wedge my body in comfortable positions where ever i am.

    i use V shaped pillows when my upper body is suffering, either in bed or armchair - my V shaped pillow is feather filled, but i think a good memory foam version would be worth trying

    i sleep on a tempur mattress which i adore, with 2 tempur pillows, 4 mini bolsters (3 are feather filled) and 4 baby pillows (3 are feather filled)  all of which are in action during naps & when go to bed at night

    i use memory foam seat wedges at my desk & at the table & in cars.  in cars i also use a memory foam lumbar pad

    🍀🍀 coco

  • Wow lots of pillows! Hehe. I have a memory foam normal pillow and partial mattress but find it a bit too warm sometimes. I remember my mum had a great one when she was pregnant breast feeding my little brother so I might try something like that. Just need to take the pressure off my joints (knees and base of my spine especially). Thanks for your detailed response, it was really helpful xx 

  • Yes: lots: it's wild...but it works.  I was a bit concerned about overheating on the tempur mattress, partly cause my erythromelalgia is so active, but I've had no probs with overheating because I've figured out a sheets & blankets system just as wild as my pillows thing (cotton flat sheet & fitted bottom sheet, cotton knit blanket, and layers of added throws & quilts as necessary).  

    Needless to say I sleep mostly in the little bedroom next to our main bedroom...because my husband sleeps under a massive winter duvet all year round (on a normal sprung mattress)...the older we've gotten, the more incompatible our body temperatures have become...we miss sleeping together terribly...but, it is what it is (and plenty of sleep is amongst my key lifestyle lupus managements) XO

  • Wow that does sound like a complex system. I overheat and don't seem to move as much on my meds, so stick to one duvet which can be kicked off.

    That's a real shame. I love nighttime cuddles when my boyfriend is around but I can imagine that with too many pillows he might wake up covered in them. 

    I'm hoping the body pillow will work as I sleep on my side.

  • When I was younger, this sleeping stuff wasn't such a big prob...we're in our early 60s now...been married over 30 years...adore each other, but needs must.  My husband had early onset crohns, so he really understands.  I think the body pillow will be great for you!

  • I have just a cheap Walmart long body pillow and can't imagine sleeping without it. I sleep on my side and it helps a lot especially for my hips and back. I have been told by many Drs the worst thing to do for hip and back problems is not sleep with one as it makes you more aligned while you sleep. 

  • Nice! No Walmart here but I might just try a cheap one and see how I get on. I've done it with normal pillows but find them cumbersome so a body pillow might be better. I have back pain so it might help take the pressure off, but it's also for knees. Thanks for your response, it's nice to know it works x 

  • I have tried tempur mattress but find because I am rather a 'large' lady they make me worse as once I get into position I cannot turn over without getting up and back to bed again not good. Just my opinion, thus makes my joints worse also x

  • Hi, i'm Jo a lupus suffer for way too many years. I currently sleep with 8 pillows which i move around throughout the night- all have cotton covers -all feather filled- I use them to support the pain in the joints   - as i get too warm i change them over for another one--it works for me !

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