Memory Foam mattress Topper? i finally purchased a 3ins memory foam mattress topper in the hope of a better and less painfull nights sleep ,well im so gutted that after so much hope it was so unbearable i had to get my hubby to take it off early hours ,it made me even more aware of how much pain im in???so ive gone back to just a quilt on top of mattress for a little more softness,Its as if it was to soft ,This sounds ridiculous i know??i couldnt even turn over on the foam topper ,anyone out there had this problem ?Really P off :( thanks brave :)

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  • Yes, I did the same and found it unbearable, so I'm back to quilt topper. Maybe it's just me but I found it really firm and unyielding, but hey, we try what we can until we find what helps.

  • Me too! But listen to this - my husband who is fit and healthy felt the same way too!!! He slept on our tiled floor and told me in the morning that it was more comfortable than the memory foam topper!!! Needless to say we have reverted to our old quilt topper again. xxx

  • Mine is lovely, it wasn't in the beginning but seems to have got better as the weeks go by


  • We bought one and initially it was like heaven! But within 2 months it is pretty much flat. The mattress is so uncomfortable. It s too firm and both of us complain of pain in the mornng even though my partner is healthy. We were looking to buy a memory foam mattress, do you think this would be beter than just the topper?xxx

  • hello brave, we brought one and it did take a few nights to get used to it. we are like megs-tom as we would like to know if a full memory foam mattress would be better? x

  • I tried one of the pillows and threw it out within a couple of hours. Found it better to sleep without a pillow than with a memory foam one!

  • Thankyou all ,if i could take the pain i would have given it a chance ,but last night was awfull ,i cant go through that again ,it was way worse than normal ,what a waste of money;(

  • I have a memory foam topper , and could not sleep without it, it gets softer the more you sleep on them, mine has a very firm side and a very soft side, Just wondering if you got the firm side up instead of the soft side. worth a try. Good luck .

  • I bought a memory foam pillow and it was the most uncomfortable pillow I have ever tried.

  • I had a mattress with a memory foam topper and loved it . Unfortunately my joint and muscle pain got worse ( nothing to do with mattress) so I read about water beds . They are warmed by a heater so the heat is soothing and is controlled by a thermostat and the water also cradles your body gently. I got a super motionless one which means it moves as you get in but settles immediately so no moving about which was important as I get dizzy , anyway this is the BEST purchase I have ever made and I can actually get quite a few hours sleep at a time whereas before I could be up most of the night in pain.

    They are quite expensive new but often you can find them on EBay and as the mattress is vinyl ( it has a washable cover round it) there are no hygiene issues with a second hand mattress.

  • My partner insisted that we buy a memory foam mattress to help with my pain. I thought they were so expensive but it was well worth the investment. It made a huge difference and I would recommend them to each and everyone of you !!!!

  • Memory foam is horrendous! It doesn't breathe so boils you alive at night. I suffered badly with overheating and appaling skin rashes for a long time before i twigged it was the mattress with the intergrated memory foam topper which is latex. I changed the mattress, bought a normal pocket sprung one and haven't looked back since. As for the memory foam mattress well that went onto the guest bed so now i cook our guests instead lol!

  • Thankyou

  • We bought the tempur mattress and although it did take a few nights I now love it and find it great for my joints The pillow is another matter both my husband and I found it most disappointing I have read that if you use too tight a bottom sheet then you lose the moulding effect . Stick with it.

  • I think im gonna stick with the quilt on top of the mattress as it gives a little more softness but not too much ,the problem with the memory foam is ,because i have terrible tendon issues when i mould into it ,it actually pulls on my tendons ,so its unbearable , i guess there not for all ?

  • Have you tried a down/feather topper I did not think it would be any good but it is, only snag husband bless, has to give it a shake now and then but might be worth a try, good luck anyway, the other thing talki ng about pillows I bought a neck pillow from John Lewis which Iput on top of my regular one it sort of wraps round your neck and supports my head, not so much strain on neck and shoulder.

    Hope something helps. X

  • thankyou

  • I have a memory foam mattress topper and it's wonderful the best thing I ever got but I do have problems with it rucking up then it is uncomfortable, I'm considering buying a deeper one ( Mine is 2.5cms) probably about a 5-7cm one to go on top of my current mattress if I do I'll let you know how it goes! Sorry you didn't get any relief from yours

  • Hi all. I found that a memory foam mattress made me hotter... Not good for night time flushes. I had a memory foam tempura pillow for a while and while it was initially comfortable it seemed to get as hard as concrete and as lumpy as my porridge over time! I haven't tried any other mattress topper to date but find that I scrunch the duvet up a lot around my feet and rest them there.

    My favourite pillow purchase is a standard v shape pillow which has been brilliant for shoulder and neck support. Dunelm sells these fairly inexpensively and also sells the v shape pillow cases too. Another useful item I used during my recent flare was 2 wheat bags draped around my neck and shoulders which I bought again from Dunelm for £2.99 each. Apologies if this is all basic stuff to everyone but all this is new to me :-)

  • Thankyou all ;)

  • I have a memory foam bed/mattress, a pillow and a goose feather and down quilt.

    So comfortable and I don't think my night flushes are any worse with them.

    I even take my memory foam pillow with me if we go and stay overnight/holiday anywhere here in the UK.

    I think it's a case of finding what suits each of us the best. :D

  • I had a memory foam mattress a few years back, and although it was comfortable, I found it difficult to move/turn over due to there being no springs to give that little bit of push needed when I was in pain etc. I've now got a specific springform mattress with memory foam cushioned around the exterior. I must say it's great. Breathes wonderfully so no horrid hot flushes, the memory foam adds the perfect amount of cushioning needed along with the springs to help me turn over etc. I will agree with everyone else though, the pillows are the most uncomfortable ones available on the market!

    I hope you find something that suits you soon! :)

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