Numbness in hands

Does anyone suffer with numbness in hands during the night? I have it every night and it drives me crazy. Neck and brain MRI and nerve conduction test ruled out peripheral neuropathy and carpal tunnel syndrome or anything else related to brain. I do have spondylitis in the neck but not bad and the rheumatologist hastened to blame it for the numbness and suggested I change my pillow or sleep position. Well, I have changed the way I sleep and pillow and work on my posture but nothing changed. I'm now wondering whether it isn't something else. This is the problem being diagnosed with a chronic illness, it gets blamed for everything.

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  • Maybe you lie on them when you are asleep?

  • No, I am not, that's the frustrating thing. And worrying.

  • I have the same thing, was referred to a physiotherapist who taught me some exercises and referred me to try Hydrotherapy sessions - still waiting for the appointment, must ring and chase it up, been a few months waiting now..

  • Oh, please let me know if you have any improvement, I'm becoming paranoid and I'm starting to think it must be something else like vasculitis or something.

  • I go thru periods of getting it really badly, have done 4 years. They don't seem 2 b too concerned with it 2 b honest in my case.

  • I think it's muscular so hopefully gentle Hydrotherapy exercises will help , fingers crossed .

  • Yeh I go through this when flaring. I could be laid on my back and both my arms and hands will go numb and then intense pins and needles. Also I wake up having slept on ghe left hand side and my right hand side arm/hand will be dead!! I hate it, drives me mad l. No idea what causes it xxx

  • Yes i have suffered with numbness, pins and needles and extreme pain for the past 8 years. I had test done along time ago but nothing came of them. Best thing I found was wearing hand splintz, where the flat metal plate runs frkm the palm up the wrist, is actually a life saver. Have knocked my husband out during the night a few times, but hey ho I had a an excuse... take care.... Uzi.. xx

  • I get it at night Purpletop in my left hand, I wake up with it in my left hand and when I'm holding a DSL Lite game or a book. Its usually in my thumb and first 2 fingers, and when resting my left arm on the table where I compute I get numbness and tingling up the left side of that hand into my little finger. I'm right handed, never get it in that hand unless I've slept on it..

    I mentioned it to the rheumatologist on my last app and she's referred me "for a nerve check" or idea whats involved and she warned it would be a long wait. I have numbness in my feet as well but was told that was more to do with osteoarthritis...

  • One of the first symptoms I had was pins and needles in my left hand and foot all the time. Was almost misdiagnosed with ms. Still get this 12 years on and nothing sinister has ever come of it. Try not to worry.

  • Hiya, i get this too only this past few months. I wake up and either my left hand or right is completely numb, then when i start moving it pins and needles come? Its a really weird feeling i was gonna mention it on next Rheummy app. I have MCTD, APS and sle so it could be something to do with any of these conditions. Glad to hear others have this x.

  • It is reassuring to know that others have this and live with it for years without worsening. Who knows what causes it, it is one of those symptoms, I suppose. Thank you all for responding. X

  • I used to get it some time ago - woke up with a completely dead arm and had to try to move it to let the blood flow going and then it was OK. Did not get it for few years now but never say never. In my case it just comes and goes like everything else.

  • Mine is every night for the past year. It is worrying to me because I'm afraid I can break something - if I have no feeling in my hands, I could twist wrongly, who knows. This and the daily shedding of hair and the goosebumps-like skin on my arms and legs are pushed right down the rheumatologist' list of worries but I want to tick them off my list, in that I want to know their cause and how to improve them. Maybe I want too much!

  • No, I don't think it is too much to ask. Unfortunately, I feel that the reumathologists (let alone GPs) are as puzzled as we are, frankly I sometimes feel sorry for my reumathologist, who clearly would like to help but there is not much he can do and he has many questions as well. It must be so frustrating to see us suffer and not being able to do much. I think that is also why we all are trying anything to make ourselves feel better - from the diet, acupuncture, you name it.... Anyway, as I have had this for so long, I have learnt that all things pass (although of course they may come back with vengeance). I am trying to be positive and patient and am looking forward to some new medication to come our way. I also joined a few research programs (genetics mainly) and am always offering to give blood for any research purposes. Hope this is helping somewhere on the line.

  • Hi, I have the same problem - often waking up with numb hands and arms. It's got a lot better since having regular chiropractic treatments. It still happens but less often and less severe. Hope you find something that works for you. xxx :)

  • Thank you, I was considering going to a chiropractor myself, it is just the idea of someone manipulating my bones that is not very appealing. Still, better than doing nothing!

  • My chiropractor is a very gentle soul and I would trust him with my life. Hope you find one like him ..or perhaps osteopathy may be more suitable for you. Good luck! xxx :)

  • Hi I get this too. I mentioned it to Prof Hughes at recent appt and has suggested I get tested for thyroid. if that is ruled out possibly linked to sticky blood. Will let you know what happens x

  • Hi Purpletop

    I got this too, usually in my right hand when asleep and upon waking (I sleep on my left). It feels like my hand is huge. It does ease very quickly but is tricky to turn my alarm off as my fingers are so numb. I have recently given up all grains... I was told Lupus is linked to Leaky Gut and grains/gluten causes this. I feel much better (although its been really tough giving up all that I love), I haven't had such numb hands.... Not sure if this helps? Keep smiling and try not to worry x x x

  • I've had this for years on and off and never really thought anything of it......just thought I'd laid on a nerve! :) a neck and back massage helps ease it. Next time I see my consultant I better mention it :D xx

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