Numbness in my fingertips

In the past few days I have started having numbness in my fingertips in both hands--just the middle three fingers and only the tips of the fingers above the first joint. It's not painful, just numb. I haven't had this before but am guessing now that perhaps this is Raynaud's? Does anyone else suffer and does this sound like what I'm experiencing? Any tips on managing this? Does it come and go for you?

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  • Classic sign of Raynauds, especially if they change colour or go really red

  • It is probably the cold weather has causes Reynards. Put you hands in some warm water untiuntil the return to normal.

  • Hello Shannon

    While this does sound like Reynauds, it could be a number of other conditions. Carpel tunnel or inflammation of the elbow can cause nerve problems as can problems in the neck or shoulder. The exact location of the tingling or numbness will reveal where the nerve is being pinched and if I remember correctly middle finders suggest elbow -median nerve. Run your fingers around your elbows pressing slightly, You may find some tenderness, also you should try sitting on the backs of your hands and rolling your nect. Sit upright and pull your chin in. Tingling or soreness may suggest neck or shoulder problems.

    Reynauds often comes with the fingers turning white or blue as the compartment closes down.

    There are a few good excerices for this if the problem is nerve related. Let me know how you get on.

    Regards Martin.

  • Thanks for this great feedback--I'll try what you suggest and let you know.

  • There is more if you want it.

  • I have numbness in my fingertips both hands I don't no why anyone these symptoms ?

  • Also I do have tennis elbow can be cause of my numbness in fingertips?

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