i have put in for high rate of dla was told i can only get low rate off dla i have fits and in the past few months i ended up in resus as i knocked myself out got black eye my right ankil twisted up the back my leg the hospital told my daughter not to leave me on my own i tryed to cook some soup i ended up in ae as spilt it down myself they say iam a danger to myself i had to app;e against in writting now i just to wait and see what they say

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  • U will only b awarded High Rate Care DLA if u need assistance or have some1 there in case at night time apparently (what I was informed by a friend who's mate works 4 them) :-/

  • Not supposed 2 b a jolly face there, meant 2 b a :/

  • I get High rate because my husband has to help me get out of bed in the night to go to the loo and then help me back from the bathroom. I was Honest and told them I do manage for

    Four Hours on my own when my bubby goes out - they wanted to know why he was out for 4 hours and I said that was how long a round of golf was, to relax away from me. They all thought it was funny that I had been so honest. I did say I had great friends and neighbours who could come in for emergancies. Good Luck - appeal - go to C.A.B off ice and they will help you.xx

  • agree with hazelHollingsworth about CAB or DIAC (Disability Advice & Information Service) as they know the 'buzz' words that r looked 4 & how 2 best phrase it all. Good luck.

  • Like suggested, please get help with the appeal - as you would also get advice on getting supportive letters from GP/consultant etc. Hope it works out. Good luck! xxx :)

  • i only get low rate care, i have fits, ive knocked myself out slamming into the radiator and biting through my tongue and lip. im not allowed to cook for myself because i always end up in casualty.

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