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help with dla dr medical

hi ive just renewed my dla low rate care and although i have got worse apparently i still only deserve low care,so i have asked then to relook at this in the mean time boxing night my house was broken into whilst my son and i were asleep, so now my partner has been staying with me for up to 3 nights a week otherwise i cant sleep or relax at all so to me this is a change in my care needs to i rang dla and they they are sending a dr around to me , can anyone give me any advise ?? thank you

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Iam waiting to hear back from Dla same with me mine got worse what I would say have someone in the room with you try and get a copy of his notes what he writes down and ask for a copy off the report what get sent to the Dla then compare notes from what he writes down and what's in his report good luck


thanxs scottty my boyfriend will be with me


Your welcome


Hi, when I had mine the appointment came for 9am I phoned and explained that I could not get to the appointment at that time as mornings are bad pain wise. The lady asked me what condition I had and said oh ok for that we can come out to you. If I had not phoned and had struggled in I would probably been turned down straight away. As it was a gentleman (a proper doctor not a pen pusher from an agency) came out. Asked to see everything I needed ie supports and tablets etc and saw my chair lift and at once recommended me for higher rate for life as in his opinion you don't recover from Lupus and Fibromyaliga you tend to collect other illnesses as well. Those were his words.

When you get your appointment letter for your medical phone and say you can't get in due to pain levels and see what they say.

The doc was right with what he said as I have picked up other specialists as I have gone through the last 3 years.

Good luck


helentad sounds like he had common sense to me and i am very pleased with your result you do tend to get worse and the pain is endless. not only do i feel the body aches and pians i am sleepy and wakl funny. awkward like and i am now in tablets for depression. glad you gor such a good result well done


hi heletad

thanks for your reply ,the doctor is coming to my home, tin tin you sound like me im always tired but cant sleep,i have been on anti depressants about 4 years before i was diagnoised 3 years ago i was told i was going through my change for 15 years ?? stupid eh , but since having been diagnoised i feel like everything has come out ibs/emphazema/coppd/raynaulds/syjorns/chronic fatigue/chronic insomnia and many more before i was diagnoised i thought i was getting lazey as i got older wow little did i know eh


I forgot to say that I was turned down flat when I first sent my form off. I appealed and then that was the result from the second form. Maybe that had an influence maybe not.

Talking about picking thing up. Been to hospital today to be told my shoulder arthritis is worse and now needs operating on. So any walking with stick goes straight out of the window.

I also received the dreaded ESA form today.


just thought id up date you all i recieved very good news today , i won, i actually won my dla battle i cant believe it, thanks for everybodys support


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