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Does lupus cause itchy sore eyes sensitive to bright lights?

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Hi, I was just wondering does lupus cause itchy, sore eyes that are sensitive to bright lights? It started yesterday and has been particularly bad today despite taking antihistamine. I had quite a bad day with muscle and joint pain in legs and arms yesterday too but dont know if my eyes are lupus Related or not. They're so sore I have to keep closing them.

20 Replies
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evening belee, i have lupus and my eyes are always dry and painful when i wake up. i am also sensitive to bright lights. i recently been having problems focusing when walking home in dusk light. unsure if it is lupus or just me??

try some eye drops from the chemist as theyl moisten your eyes x

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Thanks canine crazy. Im still waiting for a diagnosis. Have been told i have 'lupus like' disorder as negative ana but have hadlots of symptoms for the last year - joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue, hair loss, loss of weight, mouth ulcers, nausea etc.... But this eye pain is a new one! Not sure if Theyre dry but Will try some drops!......forgot to mention, the whites of my eyes are bloodshot red and yellow colour. They itch and are very sore and watching tv is near impossible because of the brightness....think another trip to the GP may be needed! Hope your eyes improve soon too. Have you mentioned it to your dr?

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Nightjar in reply to Belee

As the whites of your eyes are yellow, it may be useful to check with your chemist to rule out any side effects from medications. Or you can check online before seeing your GP, who will hopefully be able to explain it all. Hope you feel better soon. xxx :)

It does affect your eyes.

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I have sygroens and the light has always effected my eyes they also burn and get very itchy, I get viscotears and lacri lube on prescription and they help. I was also advised to get reactalight glasses or wear Sun glasses when outside. I was also told to have my eyes tested once a year due to taking hydroxichloroquine. hope this help not sure I spelt the illness or tablets properly x

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I would now go and see your GP about this as soon as possible you might have an infection or he will give you the right drops to put in your eyes please ask the Doctor to why its red (I can understand that) but its the yellow bit that worries me a little


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I agree with janiceray and would also suggest a trip to a good optician as it was an optician who finally suspected that my dry eyes were a symptom of an underlying problem and who advised me to go to Moorfields a&e.

Sensitivity to light can suggest a serious condition and you need to get it checked. Average GP does not know about eyes in my experience and kept diagnosing conjunctivitis wrongly.

Eyes now ok with lacrilube and sunglasses though can't tolerate bright lights. Also on plaquenil with no effect on eyes. Good luck.

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Hi Belee

Yes lupus does do that to your eyes the same started happing to me about 3 years ago i have had lupus for over 20 years and now becoming much worst, however i told my opticians and he recommended a green tint in my lens they are not cheap but i must say it has really helped me with bright lights and saw eyes and i am very sensitive to night time driving , also it has made a big difference to Migraines,(dont go to one of the cheaper opticsions such as spec save or boots they totally messed up and my eyes became worst) as the saying goes you only get what you pay for) Mine came out with frames, photo cramic lense , tinted glass , antiglare,and a coating to stop scratches, cost me around £340, but i am so pleased with them ,hope this helps,

Take Care

Rachel x

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Thank you so much for all your responses.....I've taken it all on board and will book an opticians appt today.

....this website really is great - I've been feeling so down since the symptoms started last summer. Despite feeling exhausted all of the time, I try to be strong for my hubby and kids (13,11 & 8) but feel like ive gone from an active 38 year old who ran 5 miles 3 times a week to an old woman who cant do anything. Coming on here makes me see that there really are others out there and maybe I can get through this! Thanks again xxx

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brave in reply to Belee

I get terrible eye probs ,dry itchy ,sensitive to sunlight and brightlights ,i use standard optrex and it really helps.I feel for you ,i too am a 39yr old mum and wife and used to teach exercise and partake in lots of exercise untill lupus really kicked in enough to stop me that is,i used to push on through but physically cant anymore because of physical pain and exhaustion and how badly lupus affects my tendons ;((I find tis site a godsend ,however i still have to be honest and say feel very alone with this disease ,i think thats part and parcel of any disease ?i wish you well brave

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I have dry eyes and I buy sno'tears there really good x

It sounds like sjogrens. sufferers are advised to avoid anti histamines because they dry out your eyes and nose. My eyes are particularly bad at the moment too. The eye clinic gave me HyloForte drops and my GP repeated the presc for me. I think you need to visit your gp because I started with an eye infection. We are prone to infections because of the dry eyes.

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I was only diagnosed a couple of weeks ago, but I suspect I also have sjogrens as I am always thirsty (well, I feel that way due to a dry mouth) and my eyes are itchy. yesterday, I had painful eyes along with a petechial haemorrhage, so I guess this is a mini flare up of the two.

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I suffer in the mornings with sensitivity to bright lights and sunlight. My eyes also flare up with resulting in my attending the eye hospital for steroid eye drops. My advice is get it checked out just to be safe .

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Hi I have Lupus and Sjgrens syndrome and dry eyes and sore itchy ones are a symptom of Sjgrens I have been given drops and ointment for it , light sensativity is also a symptom,it's annoying I know. Chin up good luck.

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my eyes have always been sensitive 2 BRIGHT LIGHT, not necessarily, sunlight. I DO get itchy eyes (tends 2 b due 2 Sjogrens) but not sure if the light sensitivity thing is cos of this or not.

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Thanks again for all your responses.....I have booked an opticians appt but their next available one is Tuesday - very frustrating! ...will let you know the outcome xxx

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hi belee i went to the opticians today, i go every 6 months, u havent said if ur on steriods as that changes ur eyesight to so im told by drs and opticians and hydroxy if yur on that for years and high does that can cause blurry eyes , but i have sicca syndrome ie sjgrens syndrome i use drops like the other lasies but i also where sunglasses at all time and i find that REALLY helps with the burning achey feeling, can i just ask evans plz i take antihistime 4 a day as thats the only thing thats stops my skin constantly itching and permanent flu symptons but did you say they make your eyes worse???? thanksx

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In my option yes it does ! I have really dry itchy eyes and get lots of blood spots on the whites of my eyes , I am very sensitive to bright light and the sun I have tinted or react illite lenses in my glasses !! This helps a bit I also use use liquifilm tears as priscibed by my rhumi..

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