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Just received the letter telling me that have been refused DLA. I have SLE and Fibromyalgia, I have been off work since November as I can't move far, don't feel safe out on my own as balance is dodgy, get dizzy spells and sometimes can hardly get across a room. Washing and dressing is the highlight of my day as it takes a while and is exhausting. My house is filthy as I can't clean it, I buy ready meals as cooking is too exhausting.

I am still waiting for an appointment with the nurse to show me how to inject Methotrexate as tablets make me feel very sick. I have had enough, am not sure just how ill you have to be for someone somewhere to recognise that fundamentally your life is over. Feel very let down by the whole system and cannot see it getting any better. I feel I am being punished for something that I have had no control over.

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  • hijamg3916 if i was u i would appeal against it cos at the end of day the ppl who deal with ur claim are not doctors and many ppl dont now wat sle is and have never heard off or understand sle ,,,

  • Definitely appeal, BUT before you do make yourself an appointment at your local CAB or CAS and organise for an adviser to support you through the process. Don't try and do it on your own. The advisers know the right things to say and how to phrase things properly to make sure you hit the criteria.

    There are certain things you HAVE to need help to do to qualify for DLA, for example preparing and cooking a meal, if you are using ready meals as far as they are concerned you are feeding yourself adequately... Make sure that you put as much detail on the paperwork as possible, no matter how trivial you think it is, to explain what living your life is like.

    Its a horrible situation to be in and I really do feel for you. But I'm also sure that with the right support you can turn it around :) *hugs* xxx

  • Hi there,

    Yes can you message Paul from Lupus UK. He will give you all the forms you need and you can go through this detail by detail. They want to know how your symptoms affect you and the forms help you to do this. I will message you. Try not to despair because you have been turned down once. Reapply definitely with the forms that Paul will send you x

  • Totally agree with the others, reapply & CAB etc r worth getting hold of as DLA look 4 certain info & 'buzz word' b4 they even consider granting it 2 u. Every detail must go on the form & write it and basically fill it out with u're WORST day in mind. Good luck ;0)

  • I would definately appeal I seem to be one of the lucky ones and got it first time im having problems with ESA at te moment as they say I'm fit for work even though I can't walk etc which is totally bonkers coz I sai exactly the same thing on both forms but definately appeal and get someone from citizens advice to help you

  • appeal and got to cab... i think its 60% that win on appeal. its very hard and frustrating having lupus and having no support but it is there but you have to find the streagnth to get it. good luck

  • I would like to know what work they think you can get in your condition?

  • You MUST appeal, but before you do make sure you completely understand which parts of the application form you lost points on. Also if you have not already contacted the Welfare Rights people then do that too. I found ours under the Social Work dept. They are invaluable and will accompany you to the tribunal, they know the system inside out which the rest of us probably do not. I would also get your consultant to write you a letter to take with you and send it to everyone prior to your tribunal, ie the tribunal and the DWP. Take any other medical information you have with you, but I sent it to them prior to the tribunal. Just remember at the tribunal stage an awful lot of these appeals are won. Good luck.

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