Can anyone tell me if Lupus sufferer's should in fact be given antibiotics?I was given three month's on varying antibiotics which started with blood poisoning.The next batch were given because I had (x-ray was clear)a chest infection and fever.The next batch were given because I could hardly move(literally)my hands were swolen as well,the pain was and still is excrutiating.Finally I was referred back to Rheumatology.To try to cut a long story short,I am presently having steroid injection's for Reynauds and the arthritis and am having a full Lupus flair.I am supposed to be in hospital(being monitored)but,I have the breast cancer clinic as I have found more lumps in the breast I had cancer in.I can't go on Methitrexate until the breast clinic give me clear results(hopefully Tuesday).My question is,SHOULD ANTIBIOTICS BE GIVEN TO LUPUS SUFFERERS?

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  • There are certain antibiotics that Lupies should not take, my daughter reacted violently to Doxycycline. I am allergic to Septrin. As far as I am aware there are no contraindications to Lupies having other antibiotics.

  • Yes, i have read that people with Lupus should be given longer courses of antibiotics. I've never had a problem with them.

  • Some you can not take just like DALEDIVA mentioned and some medication that you are on should not be corisponded with the antibiotics some may not have aproblem at all with them though. i had to take my course of antibiotics(forgot the name) before i can be started on lupus medication.

  • Generally yes, as long as they do not contain sulfa, so if you tell the doctor to prescribe an antibiotic without sulfa, that shd be fine. Some people have reaction to antibiotics generally, as you see above but that's personal to each of us, you'll just need to ask your doctor about your specific case.

  • As long as I am NOT given Penicilin or a derrivative, or Septrim I am ok - dicgussed this with my doctor and he has advised not to go on them unless essential as there are not many I can take and I should 'save' them for any 'emergancy' opperation I might need to have. I am sure your Doc. knows this. I usually have to take them for at Least a two week course as one lot never clears things up. Good Luck.xx

  • i hate them, i have reacted to all of them recently, doxycyclin, clarithromycin,now got course of claricid, actually feel better without, took over counter anti diarroheals today and even reacted to that so not a happy bunny :(

  • Certainly not tetracycline apparently, but I take no antibiotics. I had abscesses under my extracted teeth all last year, but my dentist allowed me the decision not to have antibiotics.

    I believe that this is what set off my terrible illness in 2000 - two strong courses of cefradine.

  • Thank you all so much for the advice you have given.I will nevwr take another antibiotic again,they have made me very ill.

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