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More Antibiotics!

So fed up ATM, leg ulcer is not playing ball and once again I've got 2 weeks supply of flucloxocillin.. In the past 11 months I've lost count of how many ive been prescribed. I'm really worried that given lupus is an autoimmune disease what affect constant antibiotics will have on my overall health in the future, surely my immunity is going to be compromised even further? I am under the care of a plastic surgeon now but have only seen one of his "team" so far who is convinced he can cure the ulcer with trimovate.. Sigh

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A leg ulcer is a lot bigger than a finger ulcer but I have had luck with finger ulcers by treating them the minute you feel the pain and before they actually break out. Iodine can be useful in an established ulcer if you can take the pain as it works to kill the infection. Also aloe vera gel.

You can get spray on plaster in an aerosol that contains iodine. Thats what gives it its yellowy orange colour.

Repeated courses of antibiotics play havoc with the gut which then makes us more susceptible to more infections. You might be recommended to also pay attention to your food intake to help gut re balancing but also to ensure you are providing the greatest level of nutrients for your body to fight back.

You wouldnt expect to be able to run a car on poor quality fuel and for it to respond positively and the same is true for the human body. The issue there is that there is so much misleading info as to what is healthy

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Hi Debbiemay just been reading your post I am in a simula situation to you have infections on both my legs weeping very bad had 4lots of antibiotics within the last 6 months same as you worried what effect it is all having on my body of to see a viability tisshoo nurse today


My ulcer has the name of Pyoderma Gangrenosum. I have had mine for nearly 9 years and was very close to loosing my leg. At its worst it was the size of a saucer. I now have Immunoglobulin infusions and also a dressing called Hydroferra. I am almost clear. The combination of these have done more help in almost a year against the previous 8 years of different medications. The dressings draw out all sluff and bacteria, so much so that I have not had any infections. Maybe mention to your GP/Consultant. Good luck and take care.


Thanks for the advice ladies,

Yorkie good luck with tissue viability nurse, maybe mention the dressings Smartcar has suggested. I also found better healing with Medihoney although my consultant is adamant that Trimovate is the answer even though it keeps the wound wet !! Do let me know how you get on.

Smartcar my ulcer is also on going I'm into my 11th year with 2 clear years following 3 skin grafts but then had to have a biopsy on suspicious looking area which now won't heal. My father was a bi lateral amputee thanks to the dreaded ulcer, although his were due to age onset diabetes which thankfully at this point in time I don't have.

Overnighthearingloss, I have used Iodine in the past without success sadly, I do take vitamin supplements including D3 as I have a low count and am currently following slimming world to try and shed a few pounds and ensure healthy eating.

I was also advised by my rheumatologist that Selenium is a good supplement to take when suffering with ulcers so have added this to the mix too... it's a wonder I don't rattle with all the pills LOL.

The sad thing is the catch 22 situation, I can't get Lupus under control as the drugs I really need will impede the ulcer healing, The ulcer healing is impeded by the Lupus.

I'm sure there are people out there in a worse situation, my biggest concern is that I will become immune to antibiotics.


Thank you all for all your advice makes me feel better knowing there are people out there with simula problems to me


Hi Debbie may. Thank you again for your advice yesterdayi went yesterday to see viability nurse about my legs she was very helpful she put compression bandages on both my legs and ordered. Special stockings for me


Sound promising, I had compression on until a few weeks ago but then developed an really itchy rash so it had to come off, nurse thinks it's a Lupus flare rather than an allergy as my skin is still suffering. I have lymphedema in both legs so see a specialist for that annually and they give me stockings in varying thickness dependant on level of swelling.. A much better option than the compression in terms of clothing you can wear, I get sick to death of trousers..

Just out of interest did she put anything on the ulcer underneath the dressing?


Hi, I just wanted to let you know about a product that I am trying, Colloidal Silver. You can make it yourself or buy it. I am currently taking it orally. It is also used topically. I am not a medically trained person. Based on the information I have found, I figured that I would give it a try. I bought the product. I will gladly share the web address with anyone interested.

I am currently fighting a flare. I was off Prednisone for 2 years. Now, on 20mg, hoping to start taper by end of October. I have several autoimmune issues. With all the viruses & flu season starting, I wanted try to improve my chances of not getting sick while taking Prednisone which knocks down your immune system.

Good Luck!


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