Does anyone else take Omacor Omega 3 ?

I have mixed Hyperlipidaemia ( Cholesterol and Triglycerides) ~ but cannot take Statins as I also have a high base level CPK which goes up sharply with statin so causing more muscle pains and cramps.

To keep the Triglyceride's under control I take large amounts of refined omega3, which as a positive side-effect are a very effective anti-inflammatory.

On the few occasions when I have come of them, ~my wrists and elbows begin to scream after a couple of days, and my general feeling of comfort has gone out the window.

I wondered if anyone else was familiar with Omacor or omega 3 supplements.

PS ~ It doesn't make you any cleverer.

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  • Actually. I am hoping to discuss a similar topic with my rheumy when I next see him as I have been concerned with a slight rise in my blood pressure and one or two other symptoms which I think may be related to Hughes Syndrome. (sticky blood)

    I don't know much about the medical treatments for cholesterol or triglycerides, but it is well documented that omega 3 supplements can help relieve arthritis as they contain natural anti inflamatory properties. I find, while they may not have improved my IQ, they do help keep me a bit sharper,


  • I am generally more comfortable while taking omacor , this is no small feat as so many parts of my body hurt otherwise. ~Not being distracted by achy joints probably make it easier to focus the mind. ~ I also have sticky blood and am supposed to take aspirin, but having donated a kidney am nervous as my renal team dont like the stuff.

  • Although I have had no renal problems, I too have experienced mixed advice regarding the use of asprin.

    The range of symptoms and treatment related to sticky blood seem pretty complex to me, but I'm sure all will become clearer after discussion with my consultant. In the meantime I guess its wise to stick with the suppliments and general good advice like, sensible diet (ensuring a good intake of vitamin D), excersise when possiible, drinking plenty of water etc. etc.


  • I started taking Juice Plus and i feel a huge improvement in my fatigue and energy level. . A friend of mine that sells it gave me a box for my birthday. . .Best present ever! not sure if its available in the UK but i can put u in touch with her if u want. . I jave seem a significant improvement in just days of takimg it.

  • Interesting!

  • Juice plus sounds interesting. I'm open trying out something new, so feel free to message details.


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