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Does anyone else experience this?

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Hello guys.

I have been diagnosed with sle a few months back.

Today I have been feeling terribly sick bloated stomach and I have a greasy feeling in my mouth on my tounge teeth and the roof of my mouth.

I do take lansaprozol and peptol as I do have trouble with my stomach anyway but not helping today.

Does anyone else experience this and do you know why?

Thanks all

14 Replies
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It may not be this, but I have coeliac disease as well as lupus (another auto immune disease) it means I can't eat gluten. Bloating was one of my main symptoms. I was referred to gastro & diagnosis was made from blood test then biopsy, had to keep eating gluten & feeling terrible tho!! :-(

Hope you feel better today xx

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blondie22 in reply to AlisonM

Thank you AlisonM I have had blood test and a breath test but all came back clear. Which is confusing with the way I have been feeling bloated and sick every day and worse after food.

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Hi blondie

I do, not so much the greasy mouth feeling but the bloating and nausea. I also worked out eating gluten made me feel worse tho I don't have a diagnosis with the gluten it helped to remove it. I find buscopan colpomin and domperidone helps too.

Nest wishes


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blondie22 in reply to Lesley-chard

Thank you Lesley-chard I will mention that to my rheumatologist Tuesday.

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I would suggest using a pro-biotic such as live yoghurt or Yakult. Also cleaning your teeth with bicarb once or twice a week. And avoid mass produced bread. A few people have told me about feeling bloated after eatiing some brands of wholemeal. So try another label.

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blondie22 in reply to Thaddeus

Thank you Thaddeus but I don't eat bread or anything with wholemeal init that I know Of but I shall look it up.


am waiting for proper diagnosis of lupus

but other symtoms include raw nagging right side pain set of when looking at or eating food and yucky yellow poo

have been taking 2 omeprazole a day to heal gastris as well so have been taking slippery elm 2 3 tmes a day and the odd teaspoon of aloe vera juice which is quite foul and some probiotics got jelly pastille ones out of boots

over two weeks this has finally settle things down pain is reduced to a flash pain and occasional nag but not anything like it was

waiting 3 months on nhs for gastroenterology so cant be dying or so you may think

but slippery elm seems to sooth so give it a try

its availiable in capsule form at health food stores or holland and barrett. so imn ot sure what sorted it out but possible the whole concoction . i find pepto b and gaviscon make me worse giving me faster motillity and severve diahorria

ive cut out dairy and wheat as well so im not bloated anymore its all been trial and error but all these changes seem to have settle whaever is wrong but im not convinced its gone completly away just calmed it all

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blondie22 in reply to permanentgrowingpain

Thank you permentantgrowingpain I am in peptol bismol and lansaprozol been on lansaprosol after feeling like this it's stopped my heart burn but nothing eles and now I am on peptol bismol as well but still no help also on sickness tablets but still nothing and nothing is showing up on the blood test and breath test I had. I no it's not normal felling bloated and sick everyday and worse after food. I hope you get a diagnosis soon and get on the medication you need to be on.

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permanentgrowingpain in reply to blondie22

sorry for got to mention

i hade heartburn for ages thought it might be helipylori as i had never had stomach issues ever before

doc sayed no whatever makes you think youve got that as if it was a privilage to have this mucky bug so trundled on for 2 months on omeprazole

then had a nice bleed then they sent me for nice tube down to stomach lovely experience never agian its horrible

anyway result was gastris about the size of an old penny in area and it was infected with the imaginary helipylori so get checked for that it causes amazing heartburn i thought i had breast issues because of pain as well . a there is a poo test now for it which i had 6 months later to make sure it was gone and my other symtoms were not that


hope this all helps

kind regards

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Hi Blondie22

I also have the bloating, nausea and nasty feeling/taste in the mouth, as well as mouth ulcers!! Can't take the renitadine(?) prescribed, as it makes me worse. I've reduced bread intake and feel a lot better, wholemeal bread and pasta made me worse. I've also tried to stop any foodstuffs that rely on fermentation ...

I can't have some of the yoghurts as they give me acute stomach pains ( they also ferment) but have found activa 0% fat with fresh blueberries a couple of times a week helps. It never truly disappear, but like lupus it's a case of control and living with it the best you can.

Just remember, what works for one may not work for all, but it's worth a try.

Good Luck hoping you feel better soon x

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blondie22 in reply to lizzidrippin

Hello lizzidrippin thank you I will give activia a try, I hardly eat bread who anything with wholemeal init. I'll have to look that up the food I eat just in case. I don't eat yogurts or very rarely pasta. I'm confused nothing seems to work with my lansaprosol, peptol bismol and I'm on sickness tablets.

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There are lacto-fermented pickles available, these are an alternative method of upping the pro-biotics.

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Thank you Thaddeus I'll look that up.

holland and barret today had probiotics extra stregth for 7 50 half normal price for anyone wishing to take these they do work and if like me you are cutting out dairy

its a good way to get it into you without consuming yogurts

im on apro soya based but no probiotics in it i dont think

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