Does anyone take natural supplements for joint pain?

I am having a hard time with my hip joints. I exercise daily if I have the energy. I take a multi vitamin and enzymes for digestion. Seems my joint paint has increased with this digestive enzyme. Don't know if there's a connection. Anyone? Interestingly, when I was taking cayenne pepper for anti inflammatory and anti coagulate, my hip pain got worse. I stopped taking.

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  • I use emu oil on my skin, around my joints if there is pain, straight after am hot shower.

    I find it helps pain levels by 40-50%. Given that, using later in the day when tiredness increases pain, would be a good idea.!! I'll try that too!! Because of the success I'm having, I'm trialing orally emu oil capsules. Can't feel a difference at present but its only week 3 and I'ave not been consistent!! I live close to emu land, down under.

    Digestive supplements have helped me improve appetite and have less pain and swelling around the joints. I have used a multi digestive herbal with spirulina in it, for 3 months. It was good. Did the trick. Increased energy level too.

    I found too that cayenne pepper aggravated joints, along with any peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, corn, all increased pain in the days following. Choosing other good foods means easier days, it's just not worth the pain for me of 'being polite' or taking the risk.

    Interested in how others are finding it too. Good luck all.

  • Thanks oak tree...I am definitely going to look into that oil. Although, it may be hard to come by in the Americas...thanks for sharing..

  • Buy some magnesium spray which you can use as a muscle rub is a natural product so you can't overdose and it is excellent for aches though not a cure all.

    I take a magnesium oral supplement at night which aids muscle relaxation and notice when I don't take it that I am far more tight in my joints.

    I occasionally use magnesium flakes and soak in the bath (equivalent to Epsom salts) which aids a wonderful night's sleep too which doesn't happen very often for me.

    You can buy these on the high street in a well known health shop or cheaper via amazon... The make is called BetterYou.

    Google the effects of magnesium yourself, you will be reassured of its effectiveness.

  • Best buddy... Thank you..I was taking a magnesium blend and I was afraid I was taking too much cause it irritated my intestines. I am going to try magnesium by itself. I know there are benefits to minerals. I am in less pain today in my hip joints. Don't know why exactly...up and down I guess...thanks

  • Hi natura try introducing some turmeric powder into your diet or even better fresh turmeric have been taking it for a couple of years natural anti inflamitorie

    Has helped my plan levels g

  • Farmer fester...thanks. I take a daily turmeric supplement every day. I didn't think of fresh turmeric. How do u take fresh?

  • I use fresh turmeric when making curry stew casseroles etc you can make tea with it to it's not always available hear

  • Hi natura,

    I take high dose cod liver oil capsules (1000mg) daily but to be honest I'm not seeing any improvement. I don't really think anything helps but would be interested to see what others post. X

  • Thank u everyone for your help. Apparently there is a new joint supplement in our local health food store, but it's so expensive I can't afford it. Like $50 US dollars a bottle. Yikes, I will try your ideas and let u know how it's working. Awesome stuff everyone!

  • HI Natura

    Have you heard of the concept of 'die-off'? I took a natural supplement to help reduce the amount of a 'bad' bacteria that I had in my gut, which created 'die-off' symptoms (basically worse joint/muscle/nerve pain and generally feeling unwell) for a few weeks, but then after it had settled down, I felt a lot better than I'd felt in years. It might be possible that your new enzyme is causing die off? What I found useful was having salt baths (with sea salt) every other day. I've heard Epsom salts are good too. Remember with Lupus that all inflammation is systemic, so your joints are responding to what you might have eaten, or reaction to UV sunlight, or stress, or whatever the trigger is. Mitigate the trigger and the symptoms will calm down. That's always worked for me. Hope that's helpful!

  • Dryad....I was thinking that may be the case...will feel bad before getting better. Thanks...never heard of die-off but makes sense. I am continuing to exercise with a little discomfort as bike riding takes pressure off limbs so not too bad. Just low energy levels, hard to keep going. I try to do a hour. I will also try salt baths when aggravated...for some reason better today. Stress....such a difficult concept to alleviate..wish I could get rid of my financial stress...not daughter stressed me yesterday locking me out of the car when we were late for school...ha! Teenagers, tough time for everyone. My sister keeps explaining to me that I give my power away by letting people upset me. I have yet to conquer this... Thanks again everyone for your care and valuable input. Have a good day.

  • I knew Flexoplex A joint pain supplement for quite some time now. the best suited is the one containing

    1. Glucosamine

    2. Chondroitin

    3. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

    4. Boswellia serrata

    It will satisfy as it has done for my both aunts both suffering arthritis in hip joint.

    Watch out if you are not allergic to shelfish

  • Thanks Stevan...maybe I can find something cheaper by buying just the ingredients u mentioned. Did this help with osteoarthritis ? I am not sure what the difference is between different kinds of arthritis. Still expensive. I spend so much money on supplements and vitamins. I also have scarred kidneys and have to watch what kind of supplements I take. Will do some research first. Thanks.

  • Have you heard of Flexdermal…? Flexdermal is a double step treatment formulated to give alleviation to joint pains. Flexdermal basically works by desensitizing the influenced areas to give help to joint pain. It can likewise be utilized for easing of muscle pain. It is the powerful topical formula that conveys quick easing to influence parts where joint pain or inconvenience is felt. I think this Topical cream will work best for you!

  • Thanks Gracie...will look into that. I hate not being able to do yoga anymore. I can't get back up without pain. I use to be able to do yoga no problem in my 40s. I hit 50 and this hip joint pain is tough. Even hard to stand up after sitting.

  • Intake Essential Fatty Acids, a probiotic and was experimenting with Cider Vinegar and Manouka Honey. (Too acidic for me...)

  • Yeh...too much acid messes up my urethra....I already take a probiotic. I didn't notice that it helps joint pain.

  • The probiotic is to protect my gut and prevent SIBO. My friend has RA and assures me the essential fatty acids work wonders for arthritic pain. I take it for my eyes and to try and lower my cholesterol which is a tiny bit over what it should be.

  • Shazzer.....what is SIBO? I do take probiotic for intestinal problems.

  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth - I was too lazy to type the whole thing out! I have a slow moving gut, or actually an erratic gut, so get the whole spectrum of bowel problems... Pleasant!

  • Shazzer....I have a very slow moving gut too! I have not been able to figure out why or the cause. Maybe it's SIBO. Very interesting...thanks for the info.

  • I have also muscle pain in my hip...i don't know what supplements should I take.??evn I can't e able to stand up...i really dnt understand what I should do??I think my left leg has swollen..i m going to my get today Bt if I say anything to him he jzt smile ND say okk...dnt I dnt thnk it is workful for me to say anything I realllyy get angry upon him.

  • Hi Ava....My hip is better. I do get some discomfort, but it is manageable. I started on anti inflammatory diet 3 months ago. It has helped a lot with my pain. Hope your doctor can help you out.

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