Girly night in with my best friends :)

Tonight is THe night iv been planning for about 6 weeks. A big girls night in with my best friends, no kids, no men just plain old drinking and fun! IV made the drinking games and all I need to do now is get my booze! And get ready of course which is about an hours work :P will be nice to forget How sick I am for 1 night and the pain I'm in will not stop me drinking and having fun :) my friends aim is to have us all on the floor! Oh dear that will probably be very Easy! Cocktails, shots, drinking games, dancing and a lot of inappropriate non lady like behavior :P wish me luck with this guys iv a feeling I'm going to be suffering in The morning!!!

HOPe your all going to let your hair down today and have fun. Love and hugs xxx loubie xxx

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  • Mines a large vodka and tonic...... Hic!

  • Good for you lobielou have a great night x

  • Hope u have a good 1 & that the hangover is manageable ;-) x

  • Hope your night out went ok loubielou23....did you manage a few drinks.??

  • hi mine is a gin and tonic

  • Hope the hangover's not too bad lol x

  • The hangover was shocking lol I drank a lot and did too many shots, think my cocktails were lethal :P but it was really fun to be me and not worry. Bloody tablets made me throw up though lol purple sick on the carpet!! My mates freaked out but I told them I was fine just did one wretch then I was normal again :P and I even cleaned the purple up so well it didn't stain :) one of my friends did wipe her face on the cloth I used tho!! SHe was too drunk to notice so I didn't mention it Haha

    LOubie xxx

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