Life is hard but I am harder :P

Between running around cleaning my home, taking my son to and from nursery (walking) doing food shops when we run out, sitting down and doing learning activities with my lil boy, having tea on the table and then doing bed time I rarely get time for me! Any time I do get after all that is filled with wedding plans, demanding family in crisis, friends Who need a caring ear, fiance Who wants feet rubbed, bath run, brew making! Countless appointments to boot! Life gets hard, but I am harder. I made a Promise to myself. THis condition Does not define Who I am or What I do! Some days it hurts so much I can't cope and that's the day I'm Glad I do so much for other people, my partner comes home from a long days graft and Does any housework left, bed time, makes tea and a brew :) my friends give me a caring ear and help look after the demanding monster that replaced my gorgeous baby boy! Some of them even clean my house! And the family, well they babysit for the night so I can relax and get myself back together. So life is hard! But I am harder! And as a unit were unbreakable

Keep smiling!


Your harder too

Xxx loubie xxx

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  • A really positive post, thanks for sharing loubielou. X


    I dont have you children, but I do have a teenager and also give 24 hour care to my 87 yr old Dad who has dimentia, so not a whole lot differentlol.

    Keep going until we drop, thats my motto x x

  • :) thanks guys :) I like to be positive :) my dad had a stroke about 2 year ago and I use to do lots for him but his determination to get more mobile has proven effective so I just go visit once a week now to check he's ok :) no point letting life pull you down :) ill go out the Same way I came in, kicking and screaming :P

  • Very motivational...thank you for sharing as it has encouraged me too:) x

  • I'm happy to hear that you have so many people who care for you and help you in the difficult moments. I live 1500 miles away from my family so I only have my partner with me and a baby daughter. My partner is not really able to emphasise with anyone and is not able to cope well with me being sick and in pain all the time. So I don't really get much support from him (actually I get more complains about not being as active as I used too (he likes to call me "lazy") or not giving him enough attention after a day of work and evening spent taking care of the house and baby). It would be nice to have someone to help me out and give me a nice relaxing back rub! :))

  • Sounds like your having a pretty rough time? If you need a chat I would be happy to listen (and maybe advise if you wanted). Life gets me down frequently and I removed 90% of my friends and selected family through lack of support. You find out Who loves you really when something bad happens. It's not fair that you deal with this alone so I would be happy to help if you need a caring ear or just someone Who understands you. My facebook is loubie smith, in my picture I have short blonde curly hair and my friend is half cast with long black hair. Here if you need a friend love Xx

  • Always have time for yourself, even a bubble bath with radox stress relief or muscle therapy works wonders! I'm Glad I made ppl smile. Always makes me feel good when I make others feel good :) love to you all Xx

  • As I always say, 'I have Lupus, but Lupus doesn't have me' ;0)

  • DEfinitely the way to look at things, there's no point letting it control your life it only hurts more :)

  • Love your 'fighting spirit' posting, particularly the: '..go out the same way I came in, kicking and screaming..'

    xxx :D

  • Thank you :) xxx :D

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