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Sheffield Lupus Group

This is an update for anyone that has joined this community recently and lives in or is able to travel to Sheffield.

Sheffield Lupus Group will be holding it's first meeting on Saturday 23 March at 11.30am.

The venue will be the

Premier Inn and Thyme Restaurant

19 Angel Street


South Yorkshire

S3 8LN

If you would like to come along, and I have not yet got your email address, please could you let me know asap and send me a pm with your email details? All further information regarding traveling and parking will be sent out by email as soon as I find the time to write it all down :)

We also have a Facebook page called Sheffield Lupus Group and we need lots of LIKES, so if you have Facebook and would like to look us up, we would love for you to join us!

Many thanks xx

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Sorry not been in touch - re- best route finder, I have got the dreaded coughing virus. Started with it about 4 weeks ago and it has knocked me for six. Not been out anywhere. I have been told that when you come into Sheffield via the Parkway, there is a park and ride to avoid trafic. will see if I can find out more and let you know.

I have been presented with a cheque for £1000 for Lupus uk from My Hubby's golf club - Renishaw Park - they picked us as their joint charity for the year. see you soon.xx


Wow that's fab news re the money for Lupus UK. Hope you are feeling better soon though.


Not to worry Hazel. Sorry to hear you have been so poorly. Hope you start to pick up soon :)

I would be interested to hear about the park and ride, decided not to come on train as for some insane reason it takes 2h 40m from here, where to drive its just over 1h!!! I am terrified of driving into the centre though. With park and ride do you just pay to park and then make your way to the main station on the train/bus. Have never used a park and ride before.

That is absolutely awesome news about the cheque, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say yay to Renishaw Park :) xx


I agree with Silvermyst the cheque is great news, take care we are getting over the virus and fed up with coughing .Hope to see you all on 23rd March.


Just talking to my daughter in law who lives in Sheffield, she has looked at the map of the area and says that the best bet is to use the Park and Ride on the Parkway, get the yellow tram (or poss a purple one) at Cricket in Road,get off at the third tram stop, Castle Square. Look towards where the tram is going uphill,on the right hand side you will see Primark which is on Angel Street corner. Coming back get tram from Castle Sq, heading to Meadowhall (yellow or purple) and get off where you got on at Cricket Inn Rd and you will be back at the Park and Ride. All trams are wheelchair friendly. This is the way we will be going.

Hope this helps peeps xxx


That's fantastic, thanks Vonni. Do you have any idea of charges for the park and ride? I'm going to try and put it all in an email to everyone :)

Thanks again!


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